Sustainable Destination Congress materials

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Keynote: Sustainable tourism is the only future for tourism. Getting prepared is a win-win-win -situation. 
Peter Reelfs, Sustainability Advisor, Lecturer, Northflash

Reelfs Peter

What is the sustainable travel Finland Label? To help the tourism industry in Finland to adopt sustainable practices, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland programme. The programme is designed for Finnish tourism companies and destinations to develop more sustainable practices.
Liisa Kokkarinen, Project Director, Sustainable Travel Finland, Visit Finland

Kokkarinen Liisa

13.30 Case: Lakeland – How to develop industrial district to Lakeland district 
Heikki Mäkinen, Programme Director, Lake Vesijärvi Foundation

Mäkinen Heikki

14.15 Geoparks developing sustainable tourism – Best practise from Magma UNESCO Global Geopark: the GEOfood brand for local food and restaurants within UNESCO Global Geoparks in the world, from local to international.
Pål Thjømøe, CEO, Director of Magma UG Geopark, Norway
Sara Gentilini, Project Manager, GEOfood, Norway