Lahden Talot

Good living with a small carbon footprint.

The largest landlord in the Lahti region is wholly owned by the city of Lahti. The company has more than 7,000 apartments, some of which are ordinary rental apartments, some student apartments and some assisted living buildings.

Environmentally responsible operations are part of Lahden Talot’s strategy and it has invested in greener choices in its long-term operations. As a big operator, the company has a major responsibility for its carbon footprint and is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. Together with its residents, the company makes a joint effort to combat climate change.

The wishes of future users were listened to when designing the Laatikkotehtaankatu’s student apartments. 110 apartments were completed in two buildings, all with a large, glazed balcony and dishwasher. Large, shared spaces for study and leisure were created on the ground floor. The LAB University of Applied Sciences and the University Campus are 200 metres away.

Visit the company, whose apartments are home to almost 10% of Lahti residents.

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Environment first

The new properties built in 2020 have 300 new homes and have the A-energy class marking as a sign of the best energy efficiency. Solar panel power plants were built on the roofs of these buildings and, the electricity generated is used, among other things, to cool buildings.

All sites in Lahden Talot are connected to one comprehensive property management system, and the analytical monitoring effectively detects faulty equipment and identifies development and repair proposals. This has clear implications for energy consumption.

Residents or students of LAB and LUT universities can easily, cheaply and ecologically utilise a fully electric shared car. The car’s starting point is located on Laatikkotehtaankatu.

Visits to Lahden Talot

During the visit, the company’s operations will be presented. Visit and the presentation is suitable for professionals of building and housing industry.

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Did you know this about Lahden Talot?

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    An energy-efficient building reduces, among other things, electricity and heat consumption and reduces the impact on the climate and CO2 emissions of housing. This saves both nature and housing costs.
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    Residents have been involved in reducing CO2 emissions from housing. For example, there have been competitions to reduce water consumption and improve waste sorting.
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    A meadow area was separated in the yard of Timonkatu 5 as a peaceful nesting place for bees and other insects. The idea came from the residents' committee.
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    In the yard of Hollolankatu 3, an opportunity for urban farming together with Inspis Lahti ry is offered. A total of fourteen cultivation boxes and their crop will be available to residents.

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