Technical visits

Lahti was nominated as the European Green Capital in 2021 and has prominent expertise in environmental solutions, clean tech and sustainability. Visit Lahti organizes technical visits to the municipal clean tech companies in the Lahti Region. Visits on other themes are also available on request.

Technical Visits to Lahti

Guided tours are organised in particular in companies pioneering in environmental work and clean tech businesses in Lahti that are among the elite in their industry. On your visit, you will get to know the solutions of the City of Lahti and the ground-breaking environmental actions of city-owned companies and local businesses. Destinations include Salpakierto Waste Management Ltd, Lahti Energia, Lahti Aqua and Lahden Talot rental housing provider.

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Get to know our companies to visit

Lahti Energia

Lahti Energy

The Lahti Energy group invests in eco-efficiency and renewable forms of energy. Since the old Kymijärvi, the coal power plant was closed and the Kymijärvi III biomass-fired plant was introduced. The homes in the area are now warmed with biofuels and recycled fuel.

Hanavettä lasissa

Lahti Aqua

Fresh groundwater is filtered by the gravel ridges of Salpausselkä every day of the year. In Lahti, we drink the best groundwater in the world.



Salpakierto Ltd is owned by 10 municipalities, and is tasked with performing municipal waste management services in the region of the shareholder municipalities. These tasks include the reception, processing, recycling and utilisation of waste, as well as the development of waste management and the provision of the information related to it. The region, where it operates, has about 200,000 residents and some 13,000 companies.

Lahden Talot

Lahden Talot

The largest landlord in the Lahti region is wholly owned by the city of Lahti. The company has more than 7,000 apartments, some of which are ordinary rental apartments, some student apartments and some assisted living buildings.

Wipak welcomes you to a visit

Wipak, an international packaging company specializes in the production of multilayer films for the packaging of food and hospital supplies.

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About the visits

During the visits, we will get acquainted with the solutions of the city of Lahti and the pioneering environmental actions of our local companies. Various groups such as the media, business representatives, environmental experts and students, and decision-makers are welcome to visit.

Groups of visitors are received on weekdays, within the schedules of experts. Please inquire about the visit as early as possible, preferably no later than one month before the desired time.


Circular economy theme visits

In addition to the clean tech companies Visit Lahti also organizes visits to other companies which have strong expertise, for example, around the circular economy theme. Visits are tailored to the group’s wishes.

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Examples of the circular economy theme

Water theme, water restoration and groundwater

In addition to the visit to Lahti Aqua, it is worth hearing more about water protection, which is actively done e.g. in the Vesijärvisäätiö Foundation. The foundation has done long-term work to rehabilitate Lake Vesijärvi.

Hiihtoa Salpausselällä Nordic Skiing

Salpausselkä – formed by the Ice Age

A visit to Salpausselkä in Lahti Sports Center, where the signs left by the ice age are at their most beautiful, is suitable for the water theme, as well. Let’s take a walk in the forest with a guide. Get to know the water theme through the signs of the ice age and admire the scenery of Lake Vesijärvi.

Retrosisko second hand store

Distribution platforms and flea markets

Our technical visit guide tells about various sharing platform solutions and then takes you on a tour of the flea markets in the city center of Lahti. The tour is easy to take on foot.

Päijät-Hämeen Jatehuolto Kujalan kierrätyskeskus Kujala Wate Management Centre

Waste sorting at home and in companies

Opportunity to visit, for example, a grocery store and get acquainted with its waste sorting functions and bottle recycling system. In connection with supermarkets, you can often find Rinki waste sorting points for households. Our technical visit guide explains how they work.

Sibeliustalo Sibelius Hall Lahti

Reuse of areas and buildings

Many old factory buildings in Lahti have been given new life. They have become award-winning concert halls and comfortable office buildings. Let’s get to know, for example, Sibelius Hall and Askonalue.


Product manufacturing cycle from raw material to recycling

The Hartwall main production plant in Lahti is also an interesting site from the perspective of the circular economy. It is possible to turn a guided brewery tour into a circular economy theme tour. Due to corona restrictions, Hartwall is currently not accepting visitors.

Private Case Lahti-vihko

Recycled materials in production

There are several companies in the Lahti region based on the use of recycled materials. For example, Private Case from Hollola manufactures high-quality stationery products from recycled materials.

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Visit Lahti also arranges visits on other themes on request. The Lahti region has excellent know-how in, for example, the grain cluster, both the bread and beer chains. Lahti is also a city of wood design, Isku and Asko furniture companies and Lahti Design Institute, the home of new designers.

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Do you need help with booking accommodation, transport, interpreters, additional programme and experiential nature trips? Or are you interested in lectures on sustainable tourism, such as the Salpausselkä Geopark, or a sustainable meeting? We are pleased to arrange the program according to your wishes.

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Arto Asikainen

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