Memorable food experiences

What would better complement the nature found in the Lahti region, its enchanting destinations and allure than local food and beverages made with love and passion?

Here in Päijät-Häme, water and the terrain create an environment that is unique even by international standards. The Salpausselkä ridges and eskers left behind by the last Ice Age contain nationally significant reservoirs of groundwater. Filtered through thick layers of gravel and sand, the pure groundwater provides the best tap water in Finland and is a key component in food production.

Here, innovative and skillful entrepreneurs, who never compromise on quality, create memorable food experiences and products made with love. Join us on a culinary journey full of traditions, bold flavours and great stories.

Enjoy. The Taste of Visit Lahti.

Local cuisine is famed for its fish, game, berries and mushrooms. Lahti Region boasts with local bakeries, farmers’ markets and breweries in the area. One of the key components to our excellent produce is the fresh and clean water from natural springs.

Eat and Drink in Lahti Region

Wine & Cafe Jokiranta tapas-lauta


How about an organic lunch at MeaManna or Lipterin in Lahti? Make a day trip to the Hollola Medieval church and enjoy the buffet at Kunnantupa. And admire the views of the ski jumps at Voitto or Lake Vesijärvi at Lokki or Nosturi.

Satokausikalenteri Malski


Restaurant Roux, popular Restaurant Taivaanranta, Coppa Eatery at Lahti city center or Kokka Bar & Bistro and Restaurant Lastu in the harbour, Viking restaurant Harald, lovely italian Mamma Maria, Kumpeli Spa at Heinola. Try them all!

Wine Cafe Olavi


Try for example Wine Café Olavi or Kahiwa Coffee & Wine at the Lahti city centre. Enjoy the best cinnamon rolls ever at Kariranta at Lahti harbour or visit Viipurilanen Deli Cafe at Vääksy or the cosy Lintan Kammari in Sysmä. La Kar de Mumma in Hartola provides you also a variety of gluten free pastries.

Vesijärven satama terassiravintola Lahti harbour restaurant ilta-aurinko

Harbour and Boat Restaurants

Have some coffee, lunch, dinner or local beer at the cosy harbour and boat restaurants – or just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Lähiruokaa ja juomaa tarjolla Heinolan Heilassa local delicacies shop

Local flavours

The local bakeries, farmers’ markets, farms, mills that grind fresh flour and breweries all produce clean and fresh ingredients. Take these treats home with you!

Viipurilainen kotileipomo ruispalaleipiä rye bread

Bakeries and mills

Small mills in the Lahti region use local grains for their flour. The short supply chain from mills to bakeries guarantees freshness. The breads, buns and delicious pastries of local bakeries simply melt in your mouth.

Wineries, breweries and coffee roasteries

The Lahti region is home to the large Hartwall brewery as well as several microbreweries. Berries, the treasures of Finland’s forests, are prominent in the wines of Ainoa Winery and the wines, ciders and soft drinks of Pihamaa.

Iitin Maatilatori Iitti Farmers Market

Local food markets

Buy delicacies to take home with you from farmers’ markets, village shops or the local produce shelf at the closest grocery store. A large number of products are available from local small-scale producers.

Vellamomenu – The Taste of Lahti Region

The purpose of Vellamomenu is to raise the profile of the food culture of Lahti region and highlight the excellence of the restaurants in the region. Restaurants are committed to using the ingredients of their own province, such as grain, fish, mushrooms, berries, vegetables and meat – not forgetting the clean water of the Salpausselkä ridges. The restaurants also serve local wines, whiskey, beer and cider.

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Water is a shared treasure of the Lahti region

The landscape of Lahti region is dominated by numerous water bodies. The groundwater reserves hidden inside the ridges’ sand and gravel layers provide local residents with drinking water of the highest quality. The groundwater provides high-quality drinking water and is an important natural resource for the region’s strong brewing and food industry.

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