FAQ – Good to know about Finland

Finland isn’t just the happiest place in the world; it’s also one of the safest countries to travel in. Finland is located in northern Europe by the Baltic Sea and has some 5.5 million inhabitants.

On this website you’ll find useful information and practical tips about Finland and specially about the Lahti region. Enjoy your stay!

Finland is among the world’s TOP 10 countries in:

  • Freedom of the press
  • Gender equality
  • Coffee consumption
  • English-speaking skills
  • Happiness
  • Cleanest air
  • The water richest country
  • The most heavy metal bands per capita
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Quick facts

  • 01
    Currency: The Euro is the Finland’s official currency.
  • 02
    Time Zone: Eastern European Time (EET) UTC offset UTC+02:00
  • 03
    Capital city: Helsinki (48 Min. by train from Lahti)

Useful information for travellers

Currency, money transfer and credit cards
The Euro is the Finland’s official currency. One euro (€) is 1,08 US Dollar. The money exchange is possible in the Helsinki Airport, Helsinki Railwaystation and Shopping Centre Jumbo, other exchange units can be found here https://www.forex.fi/en/find. Please note, there is no money exchange in Lahti.

Where to get cash? Bank automats, to deliver cash, are available in most city centers and grocery stores. In Finland the most suitable credit cards are Mastercard and VISA. However, it might be good to check the valid cards, before ordering for example in restaurants. Check locations of OTTO ATM’s and Nosto ATM’s.

Grocery stores and convenience stores (R-kioski)
The most grocery stores are open daily from 7 am to 11 pm in Finland. The most common supermarkets are Prisma and Citymarket with large scale selection of daily groceries. Mild alcohol drinks (beer, cider, mild wines) are available in grocery store. For your notice, that wines (vol. 5,5) and strong alcohol drinks will be sold in special stores, “Alko”, which are open daily excluding Sundays.

R-kioski” is the place to find beveradges, newspapers, candies and convenient goods. You can also purchase pre paid cell phone plans at R-kioski.

Pharmacy and first aid
Pharmacy is in Finnish “apteekki”. Pharmacies are open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, some even further until 10 pm.
In case of emergency, call 112 (no country code is required). First Aid in Lahti in Akuutti24, address: Keskussairaalankatu 7, Lahti

Laundry services in Lahti
Ask your hotel for laundry services or use self-service laundry 24 Pesula at the Shopping center Karisma. There’s no need to book in advance – if a machine’s free, it’s all yours!

Pyykkipoika Lahti offers laundry service Mon-Fri at 10.00-17.00 in the city center of Lahti. Address: Sokos department store, Hämeenkatu 20, Lahti.

Arriving and getting around in Finland

Driving in Finland

Finland is a large and sparsely populated country – it’s easy and comfortable to drive here. Finland has right-handed traffic.

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Eat & Drink in Finland

Rye bread, healthly breakfast, love of lunches, lots of tasty coffee. Buying bottled water is unnecessary in Finland, instead take your own bottle and fill it with our excellent tap water – what else you should know about food in Finland?

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Typically, service is included in the bills and tipps are not expected. If you feel you have received excellent service or someone really has gone out of their way to help you in a taxi or in a restaurant, feel free to tip – the recipient is normally pleased.

Weather and Climate in Finland

4 seasons – what to wear?

Typically during winter months (December to March) temperature drops below freezing, while during spring (April, May) and autumn (September, November) the temperature ranges between +10 to +20 degrees Celsius.

The summer months (June to August) are usually warm, ranging from around +15 to +30 degrees Celsius. However, a typical Finnish summer day can be anything from +30 degree weather to rain showers or a thunderstorm here and there.

When it comes to weather in Finland, we recommend checking the weather in the morning before heading out – and wear layers that you can take off or add on, when needed.

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Finnish Sauna

Sauna for beginners – 10 sauna tips

Saunas is the Lahti region