With children

We all look forward to fun holiday trips, but no one is more excited about them than the family’s youngest members. Before packing your backpacks, it’s a good idea to pause and think about what you want to do on your holiday. Is your family excited about nature trips, exercising all day, cultural experiences or maybe all of the above?

Children’s culture and fun sights

Radio- ja tv-museo Mastola Pikku-Kakkonen Lahti Radio and tv museum

Action! Your own TV broadcast from the Radio and TV Museum Mastola is live now

The Mastola exhibitions present the history of the Finnish TV and radio industry. In the children’s exhibition, see what kids’ programmes looked like when you parents were young. A family favourite is making your own television show in the real Chroma Key studio. The Radio And TV Museum Mastola has free admission for all under-18s.

Hiihtomuseo mäkihyppysimulaattori Lahti Ski Museum Ski Jump Simulator

The ski jump simulator is a Ski Museum hit

Take a walk down memory lane to the beloved world of winter sports in the Sense of Skiing exhibition. In the museum’s activity section, you can try your wings as a ski jumper in the fun Ski jump simulator. Free admission for everyone under 18.

Suomen Moottoripyörämuseo Ace Cafe Lahti

Fun times at the Motorcycle Museum

Finland’s only Motorcycle museum holds up to 100 motorcycles. Museum stands out of traditional museums with its youthfullness and rock’n roll spirit. Enjoy tasty burgers, fresh salads and delicious donuts at the restaurant Ace Cafe Lahti located in the same building with the museum.

Heinolan lintutarha riikinkukko Heinola bird sanctuary peacock

Heinola Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary is open every day of the year. Both wildlife-rescued birds and pets such as colorful parrots can be seen. Free entry.

Flow Park Vierumäki

Flowpark Vierumäki

Vierumäki Flowpark is an ecological adventure park where you can test your courage. Adventure courses have been built on living trees without harming them. Vierumäki Flowpark is open daily during the summer season.

Pajulahti Seikkailupuisto Adventure Park

Pajulahti Adventure Park

Overcome your fears and conquer the challenges! Pajulahti Adventure Park´s high ropes course is a unique construction up in the trees, forming a network of challenging climbing experiences. During the summer season the park is open daily.



Retro game arcade in Lahti city centre. Do you remember Donkey Kong? Or when was the last time you played flipper? In Pincade you can find old game machines from several decades.

KoiraKikka Husky Farm

In the husky husky park in Heinola you can get to know cute huskies, foxes, reindeer and other exotic northern animals. It is also possible to book husky safaris during snowy weather.

Nature favourites for the whole family

Lapakisto nuotiopaikka tyttö puhaltaa tuleen luontopolku nature trail open fire Lahti

The diverse Lapakisto conservation area in Lahti

The Lapakisto area has two accessible lean-tos on the shores of Lake Seelammi and Lapakisto – you can walk there on good even paths (also with a pram) and roast marshmallows on an open fire. The area has five different paths marked with different colours. The yellow route from Lake Lapakisto to the Lake Sammalisto lean-to is a family favourite. In late autumn and early winter, you should choose the blue Pitkäjärvenpolku path. The path climbs high up to a viewing platform from where nature-lovers have the chance of enjoying surprising ice art: giant animal figures created with a shovel on the snowy frozen surface of Lake Pitkäjärvi by Lahti nature enthusiast Pasi Widgren are a source of joy for all Lapakisto visitors.

Linnaistensuo Lahti pitkospuut luontopolku nature trail swamp

On the Linnaistensuo duckboards

The enthralling Linnaistensuo mire is located just a stone’s throw away from Lahti city centre. Even when you find yourself at a mire, the scenery is still varied: Linnaistensuo mire has up to 15 different bog types, from muskegs to Sphagnum bogs. You can also access the mire if you don’t have a car: the closest bus stop is located by the Kujala recycling centre, from where the walk to the mire is approximately 1.5 kilometres.

Aurinkovuori Aurinko-Ilves-reitti Päijänne Asikkala maisematorni luontopolku

Climb to the top of Aurinkovuori hill in Asikkala

Located along the Aurinko-Ilves hiking trail, you can see far in the directions of Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi from the top of Aurinkovuori hill. A challenging climb up stairs, 239 steps, leads to the top of the hill. You can also hike up a well-lit hiking trail if you want to avoid taking the steep stairs. At the top of the hill, you will find a viewing platform, a lean-to and a designated spot for a campfire, with chopped firewood provided. It’s a great spot for enjoying a snack.

Pirunkirkko Heinola Paistjärven luonnonsuojelualue Salpausselkä Geopark

Imagination flies in the cave of Pirunkirkko in Heinola

Formed by the continental glacier, the steep and impressive Pirunkirkko (“the Devil’s Church”) rock formation resembling a gigantic lean-to in the Paistjärvi Area in Heinola is a great spot for a day out. It is also one of the most significant rock formations in Salpausselkä Geopark. Leaning at a negative angle, the rock forms an exciting cave-like space that feeds the imagination of children and adults alike.

Conquer Lahti Region by cycling

Lahti region with its varied terrain and landscapes is great for cycling. Jump on your bikes and head to Laune Family Park, a favourite destination for families. Explore the best lakeside scenery in Lahti and stop by the lovely musical fountain at Pikku-Vesijärvi park.

We have gathered tips for bike routes with numerous points of interest, charming places to rest and a broad range of services along the route as well as the tips for the best mountain bike trails.

Explore the areas bike routes

The joy of exercise

YogaRocks kiipeilyseinä boulderointi bouldering Lahti

Terrible weather? Thank heavens for indoor sports!

Trampolin Park, the climbing walls at Ladeo and YogaRocks, indoor skateparks, glow bowling alleys and many other fun indoor activity locations are perfect for active holidaymakers, no matter what the weather’s like!

Vierumäki kahvakuula kettle bell

Vierumäki – an active holiday paradise

This is the perfect location if you want to get rid of all that extra energy but also recharge for your daily life. You can choose the Perhe on Paras (“Family Rules”) all-inclusive package with a pre-planned programme or select Active Hours sports classes according to your mood.

PAJULAHTI_170627_NS_6926 frisbeegolf

Have a Happi Holiday at Pajulahti

When you choose an all-inclusive sports holiday in Pajulahti, no one has to cook or do the dishes. The active Happi Holiday (“happi” is Finnish for oxygen) includes everything you could possibly imagine: all-inclusive accommodation and activities for the whole family.