Sights and museums

Picturesque nature attractions from the Pulkkilanharju esker to the Pirunkirkko rock formation, lovely little villages and the city blocks of the Lahti region as well as Lahti classics, from the Sports Centre to the harbour, provide something to see for the whole family. Museums take you to a world of local culture, art and unique themes.

See all the sights in the Lahti region

New at the Finnish Motorcycle Museum

The Finnish Motorcycle Museum is even more magnificent, as the museum’s Art Deco-style extension has now been completed. The museum exhibits over 100 old motorcycles and fascinating stories. The museum also houses the only Ace Café in the Nordic countries.

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Lahti harbour

The Lahti harbour is a mix of cosy restaurants, cafés, terraces, small boutiques, design and modern architecture.

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Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva

The Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva opened in Malski in the spring of 2022. Malva is a new museum full of art, design, posters and culture in Lahti, less than a 50-minute trip from Helsinki.


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Lahti Sports Centre

A Lahti classic! The iconic ski jumps, the outdoor pool, the Ski Museum and the observation platform at the Suurmäki Ski Jumping Tower.

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Villages and old town centres in the Lahti region charm visitors with their unique atmosphere

Hollolan kirkonkylä keskiaikainen kirkko medieval church

Hollola Village

The imposing medieval Hollola church and the surrounding village are a nice destination for a day trip. In the village, there are restaurants, a café, art, a local history museum and lovely little boutiques.

Vääksyn kanava Asikkala canal

Old Vääksy and the Vääksy canal

By the Vääksy canal and the old town centre, you will find plenty to see, cute little cafés, restaurants and small boutiques – you can easily spend an entire day there.

Heinola Lääninkivalteri Aschanin talo

Wooden house blocks in Heinola

Did you know that the Heinola town centre has a cosy wooden house block? Stroll along Kauppakatu and you will come across many treasures. The renewed Heinola Town Museum is located in an old biedermeier shopkeeper’s house. If you continue a little further, you will find the Art Museum. And when you walk to the end of the street, behind the gate you will find a cute little yard with vegetable patches. At the back of the yard is Aschan House, which used to belong to the chief of police Lars Adolf Aschan. There you can experience life from the late 1700s. And if you feel peckish, the old apothecary building Wanha Apteekki from the 1800s is now the home of the traditional Helin Ravintola restaurant.

Iitti Vuolenkoski

Vuolenkoski village

Vuolenkoski village offers nice cafés and restaurants, local food shopping and exotic farm animals, almost neighbouring the Kimola canal.

Dive into enthralling stories in a museum

Radio- ja tv-museo Mastola

Radio and TV Museum

The exhibitions at the Radio and TV Museum show the histrory of the Finnish radio and TV industry. The Radio and TV Museum is located on Radiomäki next to the 150 meter-high radio masts, which are the main landmark of Lahti.

Heinolan taidemuseo Heinola Art Museum

Heinola Art Museum

Heinola´s art museum is located in an empire house built in the 1820s. The permanent exhibitions at the Heinola art museum include the Spranger Collection of 18th–20th century porcelain, and the library of Minister P. J. Hynninen’s Art Foundation. The art museum organizes changing exhibitions all year round.

Itä-Hämeen museo Itä-Häme museum

Itä-Häme Museum and Koskipää Manor

The Itä-Häme Museum is located in Hartola and it covers seven parishes. The museum was founded by the authoress Maila Talvio, born in Hartola. The museum is housed in the former Koskipää mansion.

Lahden Urheilukeskus Lahti Sports Centre Hiihtomuseo Ski Museum Ravintola Voitto

Ski Museum

The Ski Museum is located in the Sports Centre, close to the ski jumps, only a short walk from Lahti city centre. The museum tells the story of the Lahti Ski Games and the Nordic World Ski Championships held in Lahti from the 1920s to the present day, through interesting exhibitions on the history of ski sports.

Architectural highlights

Church of the Cross (Ristinkirkko) designed by world-renowned Alvar Aalto, city hall by Eliel Saarinen, the Sibelius Hall, the Wood Architecture Park and many other architectural masterpieces inspire and enchant. Get to know them up close.

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The most photogenic nature destinations

Located in the Lahti region, Salpausselkä Geopark is a stunning landscape formed by the Ice Age and water. It offers more “most instagrammable” views than you could possibly post, but you can always focus on enjoying them along the way. Learn about the Salpausselkä ridges formed by the Ice Age, Lake Päijänne that is known as the pearl of the Finnish Lakeland and jaw-dropping rock formations.

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Pulkkilanharju ridge Päijänne Asikkala

Pulkkilanharju esker in Asikkala

The eight-kilometre long Pulkkilanharju esker proudly cuts through Lake Päijänne. You will find the esker when you head along road 314, running between Asikkala and Sysmä. On the esker, we recommend a stop at the Reimari summer restaurant. There is also a nature trail that runs for approximately two kilometres on the esker that is suitable for the whole family. And one excellent location for the coolest photos is the Karisalmi bridge.

Pirunkirkko Heinola Paistjärven luonnonsuojelualue Salpausselkä Geopark

Pirunkirkko in Heinola

Formed by the continental glacier, the steep and impressive Pirunkirkko (“the Devil’s Church”) rock formation, which resembles a gigantic lean-to in the Paistjärvi Area in Heinola, is a great spot for a day out. It is also among the most significant rock formations of Salpausselkä Geopark.

Myllysaari island Lahti Vesijärvi silta bridge

Myllysaari island in Lahti

You might not think of Myllysaari island as a nature destination because of its location in the middle of the city – on Lake Vesijärvi in front of Lahti harbour and the entire city. Idyllic wooden bridges take you to the island, where you will find the popular summer restaurant Myllysaaren Kommodori, which is also the pavilion of Lahti Sailing Club.

Kapatuosian linnavuori Hollolan kirkonkylä näkötorni

Kapatuosia hill fort in Hollola

Kapatuosia hill fort rises towards the sky behind the medieval Hollola church. You can climb to the top of the hill along paths or take the stairs. There is also an observation tower at the top of the hill that is open in the summer. The name Kapatuosia derives from a period before the Middle Ages when the Vikings and, in the early Middle Ages, Sweden, Denmark and Novgorod tried to gain influence in the Baltic Sea and attempted to take over the territory that is now part of Finland. During the Iron Age, the people of Häme protected themselves against these attacks by building forts from timber and stones on high hills and rocks. In archaeology, these structures are known as hill forts.

Lahti’s “Most Instagrammable” walking tour

Where can you find the statue of the most successful Finnish footballer, Jari Litmanen? How about the most impressive mural in Lahti? The invigorating walking tour includes the most photogenic Lahti destinations and refueling spots along the way.

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