Make amazing finds in the Lahti region!

Design expertise in Lahti, artisans, small boutiques, antique and vintage shops, attractive specialty stores and diverse shopping centres make Lahti a shopper’s paradise! Gourmands should head to the region’s farmers markets, farm shops, breweries and bakeries!

Get to know what’s on offer in the Lahti region!

Lahti is a city of artisans and design

The design expertise and artisanal history of the Lahti region guarantee that there are many factory outlets in the region. Furniture, interior design items, fashion and treats! Wooden design is definitely one of the gems found in Lahti. Head to the Pro Puu shop or the charming Puine boutique and workshop and see for yourself! On Rautatienkatu, cosy shops sell local design, such as clothing, accessories and jewellery. Some of the boutiques even double up as artisan workshops. You are guaranteed to find unique artisanal products and real treasures in the Lahti region.

Get to know Lahti’s design boutiques

Love local products!

Nostalgia, vintage, collectibles and antiques!

The high-quality specialty shops in the Lahti region tempt visitors to make finds. Whether you are looking for design, antiques, vintage fashion, nostalgia, collectibles or vintage and design furniture, we have it! Below, we have drawn up a list of the top nostalgia and vintage shops in the Lahti region that you don’t want to miss!

Top 5 Nostalgia and vintage shops

  • 01
    Villähteen Kylähullu – nostalgia, design and antiques for interior design lovers as well as collectors!
  • 02
    Kirpputori Kisälli fleamarket – a collectors’ treasure trove in Lahti. Tableware, lighting fixtures, rugs, furniture and many other items!
  • 03
    Retrosisko – Colourful tableware, clothing, textiles and small items from the 1960s and 1970s—old but in great condition!
  • 04
    Fasetti – The interior design specialty boutique in Hollolla provides vintage furniture from the 1950–1970s, among other things.
  • 05
    Antiikkitukku – Classy furniture and unique interior design items from the 1800s to the present day!