Your Next Host City Lahti

Lahti, located only an hour from Helsinki Airport, is ready for your congress or event! Our world-class venues, compact city
centre, lake nature and will-do attitude will ensure a fun and fuss free event for every participant. Your attendees will love Lahti in Lakeland Finland!

We are actively seeking opportunities to bid for and host fascinating events and meetings suitable to the Lahti region. All year round.

Why Choose Finland as Your next Destination?

Finns are experienced event organisers, and all services are first class; in a recent FCB survey, nine out of ten congress attendees found the safety of Finnish host cities to be either good or very good. As a bonus, Finnish friendliness received special thanks.


Host City Lahti

Pure Finnish nature is a part of our soul.

Where else in the world you can swim in a lake with water almost pure enough to drink less than one kilometre from City Hall and the Market Square? And whenever you hike on Lahti’s high ridges or ski safely during wintertime on a frozen lake, you’ll see that this combination of city and nature is something very special. In Lahti, the city is in your front yard, and nature in your backyard!

World-class venues – Great value for money

The Lahti region offers an impressive range of venues for meetings, conferences and events. The total cost, including accommodation and transportation can be significantly lower than in larger cities. Surprise your guests and use the Lakeland Finland and nature as a venue.

Lahden satama Vesijärven satama Lahti Harbour Lake Cruise Sibeliustalo Sibelius Hall risteily

Sports throughout the Year – Olympic Training Centres in Lahti Region

Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Center

Vierumäki Olympic Training Centre

Useful Information for event organizers

Nordic Flavours

The local flavours in Lahti region come from the arctic Finnish environment and four seasons. It’s always a good season for Finnish food! Lahti Region boasts with local bakeries, farmers’ markets and breweries in the area. One of the key components to our excellent produce is the fresh and clean water from natural springs.


Authentic Finnish Sauna

Finland is home to more than 3 million saunas! Nothing is more relaxing than a sauna after a busy day of meetings. Use the corner stone of Finnish culture – sauna as a side program for your attendees. Guided sauna tours available.


Our Services for You

Lahti Region Ltd. is a regional marketing organization and full-service DMC. Our services for You:

– convention bureau services
– site visits to locations and overviews of the facilities
– booking venues, facilities and accommodation
– booking transportation, social activities, incentive tours and company visits
– registration and payment arrangements
promotional materials

We are a proud partner of Finland Convention Bureau and Event Services of City of Lahti.

Our team is ready to help you organise a memorable conference, meeting or event. We provide you with all the help and information you’ll need – from transportation and accommodation options to suitable venues and required permits, and even suggestions for interesting side programmes.

Meet Our Team

Raija Forsman

Raija Forsman

CEO +358 (0)40 516 2803
Jani Backman

Jani Backman

Project Manager | Sport Event Management Finland +358 (0)40 522 4346

Lahti Sports Hub

LAHTI SPORTS HUB is a competence and facility centre for the sports sector based on the world class sports infrastructure, know how built around more than 400 different sports disciplines, universities and other R&D operators.


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