Cycling in the Lahti Region

The Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark and its surroundings are an exceptional cycling destination thanks to their varied, versatile terrain and various bodies of water. The distinctive landscape shaped by the meltwater at the end of the Ice Age makes you climb up ridges and descend to the shores of the lake, cycling along winding forest trails and rolling countryside roads.


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How to use the route information

You can download the route information as a GPX file, which includes map and GPS information in editable form. GPX is the most used route map file format and can best be accessed via an application, GPX device or any other solution that can read this file format. Without an appropriate software application, the file will open as unreadable gibberish.

We especially recommend the following applications:

If you are using a GPS device or a smart phone (e.g., Suunto, Garmin or Polar), their corresponding applications can directly process GPX files.

If you open the provided GPX file using a mobile or GPS device, the file format will be automatically recognised by the device if you have installed any of the above applications. If you are opening the file on your computer, you can upload the GPX file on the platform of any of the listed platforms (the upload procedure will vary by platform).

You can also view the routes by clicking on ”View all routes on a map,” which can be found at the bottom of the page under each route collection.

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Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark

Cottages, Villas, Apartments

Spend the night by the stunning Lake Päijänne, in an affordable apartment hotel or airbnb – we are happy to help you to find bike friendly accommodation close to your route.

Inspiring accommodation

The most popular rest and coffee break spots in the area (in summer)

Messilä Camping, Hollola
Kelokota, Vierumäki
Villähteen Leipomo, Nastola
Ranskalainen Kyläkauppa, Vääksy
Camping Sysmä
Ilola Inn, Sysmä