Leisurely Local Routes

It is easy to reach the varied and scenic leisurely cycling routes in the Lahti Region directly from the cities and main towns. You can add more distance and discover new experiences by combining these local routes with the routes for gravel and touring!


The Lahti-Hollola axis offers great choice for leisurely cycling. All our suggested routes feature the typical characteristics of the UNESCO Global Geopark: variety, lake views and rolling countryside roads.

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Lahti Shore Views 25 km

This route starts from the Lahti Sports Centre, rolling toward Lahti Harbour, Sibelius Hall and Mukkula Manor along Lake Vesijärvi. From Mukkula, the journey continues to idyllic Isosaari Island, which is accessible via a bridge. On the island, some roads are mostly gravel.

After a tour of Isosaari, the tour returns to Lahti on the cycling lane along Vesikansantie, which continues onward to Vääksy. At the end, there is a climb up to Kivistömäki Hill, and a downhill back to the start, passing the historic buildings for the Lahti secondary school and lyceum.

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Tour of Messilä 17 km

This route starts from the Lahti Sports Centre and returns there. Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear, to take a dip in the outside pool at the sports centre afterwards, or along the way at Messilä Beach.

The route follows the cycling lane along Lake Vesijärvi until Jalkaranta. There are lake views all the way until Messilä Camping, which is a great place for a little rest. The route then follows the road from Messilä in direction of Hollola. If you are feeling good, take a detour via Pirunpesä (Nest of the Devil), which represents the route’s highest climb. After reaching Hollola it is mostly downhill back to the Lahti Sports Centre. As an alternative, to see some remnants of the Ice Age, take a quick pass on the cross-country skiing trails at Salpausselkä, which can be ridden with a regular bike without a problem.

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Hollola-Messilä-Hollola 27 km

This route begins in the centre of the town of Hollola, taking the cycling lane to the west toward the army training area of Hälvälä.

Nicely undulating terrain offers rolling cycling and beautiful views. Soon you can catch a glimpse of the Stone Church of Hollola which dates to the Middle Ages. A good spot for a small break and perhaps some refreshments from the village store.

From Hollola, the route continues to Messilä with Lake Vesijärvi visible on the left, and the highest point in Southern Finland, Tiirismaa, on the right. In Messilä, the route takes a right to return to Hollola.

It is possible to continue to Lahti from Messilä and return to Hollola on the road to Hämeenlinna, enjoying the views of Salpausselkä. This is what the locals call the ‘Tour of the Church’, which covers 36 km and can also be started from Lahti.

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Small lakes of Lahti 25 km

This route takes around the two lakes that are part of the Lahti urban area, Lake Alasenjärvi and Lake Joutjärvi. It sets off from the Lahti Sports Centre towards idyllic Lake Joutjärvi. The lake can be seen on the left while pedalling along one of Lahti’s oldest streets, Viipurintie. The route then takes a turn to Pekantie and heads for Lake Alasenjärvi along the Ahtialantie cycling lane. Turning onto Sipurantie, which runs north of Lake Alasenjärvi, it rolls on the main road which has little traffic here but rewards with wonderful lake views.

On Sipurantie, in the Viuha residential area, there is a beach, which is a perfect spot for a dip in the lake. At the northwestern corner of Lake Alasenjärvi, the route continues on Savontie, along the Takkula golf course. The Pesäkallio nature protection area is also located here, about 10 kilometres from the finish, and it is a great place to visit, given enough time and energy. From Holma, the route returns towards the shores of Lake Vesijärvi. On the way back to the Lahti Sports Centre, it passes Ankkuri, Lahti Harbour and, for example, Sibelius Hall.

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Laune Family Park 20 km

This route is somewhat atypical for Lahti, since it contains very few hills and lakes. However, the route offers charming rural landscapes south of Lahti and two favourite destinations for local families with children, the Laune family park and the Yli-Marola petting zoo. The profile makes this route perfectly suitable for families with children, and its length can also be easily adjusted.

Starting from the Lahti Sports Centre, the route heads towards Laune, which offers great activities for children all year round at no charge. The route also returns through the park, offering another opportunity for a break on the way back. Heading south amidst rural landscapes, it passes the Venice residential area. From Renkomäki, we begin the return trip to Lahti, riding through the Laune family park to the Yli-Marola 4H petting zoo, which is located already very close to the start at the Sports Centre.

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There are great routes for mountain biking, gravel riding and road cycling alike around the Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Centre.

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Pajulahti-Immilä Mill 19 km

This route leads through a peaceful, beautiful landscape on nicely varied terrain to Immilä Mill and then back to the Pajulahti Training Centre.

From the Training Centre, the route travels north on Ruuhijärventie until Kalkkolantie. Blessed with lovely rural views, it rolls along Lake Salajärvi. The forested gravel section of the route starts from Kalkkolantie, so this route is not recommended for road cyclists. Any other bike will work very well. From Kalkkolantie, the journey continues on a paved village road to Immilä.

The total distance to Immilä Mill is about 9 kilometres, which is exactly halfway. Immilä Mill is a wonderful, enchanting cafe that happily welcomes cyclists. The roaring rapids, scenic landscape, a wonderful old mill, and its buildings invite you to forget everyday routines and relax.

From Immilä, the route continues south towards Vehkosilta Bridge along Lake Sylvöjärvi. The nicely winding, paved country road from Immilä to Nastola has little traffic. From Nastola, it’s just a couple of kilometres back to the starting point in Pajulahti.

The route to Immilä Mill offers wonderfully varied scenery and one of the most charming places to visit in the region.

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The region of Heinola and the Sports Institute of Finland in Vierumäki offers nicely winding rural views and great riding on paved roads.

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Vierumäki-Ruuhijärvi 24 km

This route starts from the Vierumäki Sports Institute, bending towards Vuolenkoskentie in the west. Soon it turns on Korkeentie, which is a nice rolling and windy country road. Although there is no cycling lane, the road is safe and there is little traffic.

Idyllic Ruuhijärvi with 350 inhabitants is a regionally valuable, historic village. Significant ancient remains and caches from the Iron Age have been found there. From Ruuhijärvi, the route heads towards Vierumäki on Vierumäentie. However, before the Sports Institute the route travels on Vuolenkoskentie, which often has some traffic. From there, it turns onto the service road for the Vierumäki golf course, which leads back to the starting point at the Sports Institute.

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Swing through Heinola 17 km

This route travels from the town of Heinola to the village of Heinolan Kirkonkylä and back. The route is entirely located in the residential area, so there are plenty of services and resting spots. Along the way, the route passes through the scenic Heinäsaari Island, which is a great option for a longer break and a little swim, for example. The route follows the national cycling route #5 to the village of Heinolan Kirkonkylä. From there, it heads south again, reaching the town of Heinola after a leisurely ride of 17 kilometres.

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The lake-rich municipality of Iitti has two beautiful villages, Kirkonkylä and Radansuu. Our suggested route passes by one of the most interesting cycling destinations in the region, the Mankala power plant.

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Kausala-Mankala-Kausala 19 km

Starting from the town of Kausala, the route heads in direction of Jokue on a cycling lane along Kymentie. From Jokue, it continues north and soon reaches Mankala. When cycling here, water and countryside views are always present. After exploring the Mankala power plant, the route follows a slightly smaller unpaved road to the west and crosses Hämeentie back to Jokue. From here, it rolls on the western side of Kausala back to the centre of the municipality.

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Kausala-Iitti Kirkonkylä-Kausala 20 km

The lake-rich municipality of Iitti has two beautiful villages next to each other, Kirkonkylä and Radansuu. This route visits both, starting from Kausala. However, it is also possible to ride the route starting from Kirkonkylä.

Leaving Kausala in direction of Iitti Kirkonkylä, the route first crosses Hämeentie and then continues on charming, paved Iitintie, until the village of Radansuu. After further five kilometres, it reaches the Iitti golf course. On arrival at Iitti Kirkonkylä, it is time to enjoy the unique views of this historically important village with its old, idyllic log houses. The village was once voted the most beautiful in Finland – the perfect spot to take a break.

On the return trip, it is recommended to visit the Lomakivi tourist farm. Part of the way back rolls on a gravel road on the western side of Lake Urajärvi, providing great views of the countryside and lakes. After crossing Kymentie, the tour turns west and returns to the centre of Kausala.

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The winding road on Pulkkilanharju Ridge is one of the most beautiful in Finland and one of the most significant Salpauselkä UNESCO Global Geopark sites.

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Vääksy-Pasolanharju 12 km

This rather short, but very rewarding route starts from the Vääksy Canal, where there are many cyclist-friendly cafes and restaurants. At the beginning, the route rolls along the canal, heading south of Vääksy, and passes one of Finland’s most beautiful beaches, Kalmari beach.

After a short climb it reaches Pasolanharju Ridge, which is part of the spectacular Second Salpauselkä ridge, offering wonderful views and peace of nature. The route continues along a hiking trail on top of the ridge and then descends back to the centre of Vääksy.

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Vääksy-Pulkkilanharju 27 km

The winding road on Pulkkilanharju Ridge has been chosen as the most beautiful scenic road in Finland. This is a must-have experience!

This route starts from Vääksy in direction of Pulkkilanharju, which is good ten kilometres away. It passes the villages of Asikkala Kirkonkylä and Pulkkila. The ridge itself is eight kilometres long and consists of ridge islands and underwater reefs connected by bridges. The narrow Pulkkilanharju Ridge that runs across Lake Päijänne is part of a nationally significant landscape area and one of the main sites of the Salpauselkä UNESCO Global Geopark. From Pulkkilanharju Ridge, it is possible to return along the same route back to Vääksy or take a short detour.

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Padasjoki-Nyystölä-Tarus-Padasjoki 17 km

This route visits the Tarus hiking area, starting from the harbour of Padasjoki. Passing the church, it heads south on meandering Keskustie in direction of the beautiful and lively village of Nyystölä.

From here, it turns west onto a slightly narrower road, crossing the old Highway 4 and entering the Tarus hiking area. The hiking area provides an opportunity to combine cycling with, for example, hiking, so it’s worth checking the maps of the area to explore different options.

Tarus is part of the wonderful Evo hiking area, which offers adventures for several days. This route passes Tarus rather quickly, returning to Padasjoki along Hämeenlinnantie. This section may have heavy traffic and requires good care. Soon, however, the route takes a smaller road and heads back to Padasjoki.

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Visit to the home of artist Enni Id and Tuomastorni observation towers 11 km

This easy route starts from the harbour of Padasjoki. The ride to the home of artist Enni Id is about five kilometres. This charming and unique destination is worth a short break. On the way back to the harbour, the route passes by the Tuomastorni observation towers with wonderful views of Päijänne and Kelvenne.

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Sysmä-Suopelto 13 km

An easy cycling route from the centre of Sysmä to the shores of Lake Päijänne in Suopelto.

Starting from the centre of Sysmä near the Church of St. Olav, this route leads to the beach of Suopelto, to enjoy a break at lovely Ilola Inn and Pinxinmäki. Both have wonderful patios right at Lake Päijänne. The route is easy to ride and rolls safely along a well-paved cycling lane.

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Sysmä-Pärnistö-Sysmä 12 km

Bike touring route in the Sysmä countryside. Mostly gravel roads.

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Hartola-Krouvi dance hall 17 km

A pleasant route from the centre of Hartola to the legendary Krouvi dance hall. The route travels through the countryside primarily on unpaved small roads.

Krouvi offers great restaurant and camping services. Located in the countryside near Hartola in the beautiful village of Kalho, it is home to a local brewery, an idyllic rural dance hall and a camping area by the lake.

Päijät-Häme is one of the hearth regions in Finland with living tradition. Hartola Sahti, a Finnish type of farmhouse ale made from malted and unmalted grains, has been sold in Krouvi since 1996. Krouvi it is one of the five commercial breweries in Finland for which this farmhouse ale is the main product.

After the visit to Krouvi, the return can follow either the Sysmä-Hartola road in direction of Sysmä or take the same way back.

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Hartola-Kirveskoski 22 km

The flat Kirveskoski rapids route rolls on both sides of River Tainionvirta. The route includes both a road and a hanging bridge. Start from the parking lot next to Hartola Church at Keskustie 57, 19600 Hartola.

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