Lahti Region

The Lahti region is a gateway to Lakeland Finland and a paradise for people who love to spend time outdoors. Lake Päijänne, located immediately after Salpausselkä, offers the best lakeside and park destinations of Lakeland Finland.  Rent a cabin, go fishing, paddle canoes and SUP boards and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the clear-watered Lake Päijänne. You can also find numerous hiking, cycling and canoeing routes in the area. As the winter arrives, put on skis or touring skates and enjoy the wintry nature on the ski tracks, frozen lakes and ski slopes. The road that has been voted as the most beautiful landscape route of Finland runs next to Lake Päijänne along Pulkkilanharju from Vääksy to Sysmä.

Lahti – European Green Capital

The Green Capital that is well known for winter sports consists of some stunning lake views, diverse nature, bold everyday environmental actions, clean technology and circular economy.

Lahti offers interesting culture activities and versatile tourist destinations around the year. The city’s excellent ski track and hiking network is easily accessible during all seasons. Make sure to also visit the museums, concerts and spectacular art exhibitions. Experience the rich flavours that the city’s numerous restaurants and cafés have to offer.

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Asikkala – gateway to Lake Päijänne

Asikkala is well-known for the Vääksy Canal area with historical villas and for the old Vääksy area with idyllic buildings and little interior decoration stores. The municipality of Vääksy is located at the junction of the lakes Vesijärvi and Päijänne, and Vääksy Canal, the historical junction of water traffic, acts as a gateway between the two lakes.

The canal area is a significant cultural environment with destinations that offer activities and experiences throughout the year. Depending on the winter weather, it is possible to ski on the frozen lake to the wickets of Linkosaari and Pernasaari of Lake Päijänne and to Varjansaari of Lake Vesijärvi. There are also resting points with fire for warming up and cooking food.

The road that has been voted as the most beautiful landscape route of Finland runs next to Lake Päijänne along Pulkkilanharju from Vääksy to Sysmä and continues towards the northern parts of Lake Päijänne. Pulkkilanharju, formed out of ridge islands, belongs to Päijänne National Park and offers one of the only accessways to the park by land. The only airport of Päijät-Häme is located in Vesivehmaa, Asikkala.

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Royal Hartola

The activities and leisure options of Hartola are up to royal standards. During the summer, you can go golfing, experience the authentic atmosphere of an open-air dance in Sahtikrouvi or go fishing in Tainionvirta.

Hartola offers opportunities for different sports and countryside activities increasing mental wellbeing, such as canoeing, cycling, orienteering, disc golfing and hiking. Families with children can spend a fun day together on the safe and well-maintained slopes of Ski Centre Purnu. You should also try the climbing wall of Kunkkuareena. Complete your holiday by skiing on the ski tracks or renting a fatbike.

Feel the historical atmosphere of the manors of Koskipää and Eko and spend time admiring the beautiful scenery of Tainionvirta. The little local cafés invite you to sit down, relax and enjoy a warm beverage. You can find comfortable accommodation in Linna-hotelli, Gasthaus Koskenniemi or the rental cottages of the area.

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Naturally beautiful Heinola

Heinola provides its visitors with versatile activity options. The Vierumäki Resort & Sport Institute offers more than 100 different sports and recreational activity options. In addition to sports activities, you can also relax, enjoy good food and shop in Heinola. A bath facility was founded in Heinola at the end of the 19th century. Today, Heinola also offers spa experiences and options for relaxation.

Heinola has more than 1,000 kilometres of shoreline. The unique nature with clean waters and ridges is an inseparable part of the citizens’ everyday lives, regardless of the season. It is quick and easy to access the ski tracks, waters and forests from the city. During the winter, it is also possible to go ice swimming in the middle of the city.

Heinola is a destination with a historic atmosphere, wooden house districts, parks and lively cafés that is well worth a visit. The Heinola Bird Sanctuary is also open to visitors around the year. The season starts in early May and continues until late August. During this time, the majority of the birds of the sanctuary can be seen in the outdoor enclosures and in the new facility for water birds.

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Attractive Hollola

Hollola attracts visitors with its personal little villages, versatile sports activity options, nature and tranquility. Hollola is rich in terms of local nature, landscapes and cultural history, making it easy to fall in love with the place. The old village centre of Hollola with a medieval grey stone church is the centre of Hollola’s cultural history.

Nature is nearby everywhere in this municipality of 40 lakes. Wander around independently or join one of the guided tours! Nature trails with signposts, such as Järvien kierros or Tiirismaan kierros with the impressive Pirunpesä rock cleft and an open fire place take the hiker through the changing landscape.

Messilä is known as the most popular ski centre of Southern Finland. Messilä has different accommodation options, such as a manor and a campsite, and there is also a small craft harbour by the Lake Vesijärvi.  Messilä Golf is one of the gems of Finnish golf courses. The majority of the tracks of Finlandia-hiihto go through the varying landscapes of Hollola. The tracks and routes are constantly developed to better suit the skiers’ requirements. Nordic walking, cycling, running and hiking keep people busy around the year.

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Fall in love with Iitti

Iitti is a charming rural municipality in between Kouvola and Lahti. The municipality consists of the municipal service centre Kausala, active village areas and the beautiful, surrounding nature. The mountaintop of the mountain Hiidenvuori in Hiidensaari of Lake Pyhäjärvi reaches 60 metres above the surface of the Kymijoki river. The Iitti Music Festival includes a unique night-time concert on top of the Hiidenvuori mountain.

The motor sports, event and experience centre KymiRing and Kimolan Kanava, opened in 2020, offer unique experiences for all visitors.

Iitti’s beautiful nature full of water areas offers numerous nature tracks and hiking routes for people looking for both easier and more demanding routes. Niskaportti in Iitti has a golf course with 18 fairways. The saunas and lake swimming facilities of Veteraanimaja are open around the year. Veteraanimaja is also a popular location for ice swimming during the winter.

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Padasjoki by Lake Päijänne

Padasjoki by Lake Päijänne is full of versatile hiking and camping destinations. There are three significant and popular nature destinations in Padasjoki: Kullasvuori outdoor recreation area, Tarus camping site and Päijänne National Park. The 13-kilometre route from Päijänne to Ilves starts from the port of Padasjoki, connecting the area with the Evo camping area. Päijänne National Park expands to three different municipalities, including Padasjoki. The park is suitable for canoeing, and almost all of the park areas are exclusively accessible by water. The ridge island Kelvenne is the most popular destination of the national park.

The high-quality sports facilities of Padasjoki, such the fitness park in Kullasvuori, offer versatile sports and leisure options around the year. In case of a snowless winter that prevents practicing winter sports, you can visit the swimming hall or train at the gym with high-quality equipment. In addition to disc golf, skiing and other outdoor activities, you can train outdoors by climbing the Kullasvuori fitness stairs or the stairs of the observation tower.

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Versatile Sysmä

Sysmä is located on the eastern shore of Lake Päijänne and by the route with the most beautiful landscapes in Finland. Thanks to the numerous summer residents, summers in Sysmä are busy and full of activities. Thanks to the summer residents, Sysmä’s supply of services has also grown. Ilola Inn has opened in Suopelto, which is easily accessible both by land and by water in the summer from Lake Päijänne along Tahinselkä. The supply of activities and services of Pinxinmäki, Sysmä Camping, local cafés, farm shops and versatile events is intended for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors.

Outdoorsy persons can enjoy the nature experiences that the Kammiovuori hill, Päijätsalo and Päijänne National Park have to offer.

There are also numerous options for winter activities is Sysmä, such as a free-of-charge ice track and an ice swimming location by the camping area, ski tracks that are maintained by both the municipality and a local entrepreneur, a skating track on the ice of lake Majutvesi, a swimming hall and a gym. You can also go horse riding with Icelandic horses, try snow shoes or go hiking in the Päijänne National Park. It is also possible to book a badminton court in the Päijänne Arena or go sledging with the children in Ohrasaari.

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