Lakeland Finland starts here

Have you noticed that when seen from the south, Lahti is the first real lakeside city and Lake Vesijärvi is the most southern body of water in Lakeland Finland? The heart of Lakeland opens up from Vesijärvi through the Vääksy canal: Lake Päijänne, which provides drinking water for one million Finns.

Here, you can dip your feet in true water of Lakeland Finland!

Lake Päijänne – the jewel in the crown of Lakeland Finland

Päijänne is the second-largest lake in Finland and the most significant source of clean water. The Asikkalanselkä part of the lake provides drinking water for more than one million Finns. See the activities provided on the shores of Lake Päijänne.


Experience three unique canals

The Kimola canal, opened in the summer 2020, Vääksy with its surrounding lovely sights, restaurants and boutiques of Old Vääksy and Kalkkinen village with its winery and berry farms are all excellent destinations for a cruise and a fun day out.

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Cruise, SUP, fish! Explore Lakeland Finland.

Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden järviristeily Päijänne lake cruise


How about a lunchtime cruise on a summer’s day, a cruise to the Kimola canal or a trip to Kelvenne esker island?

Kitetirri SUP-lautailu

Kayaking and SUP boarding

Rent a kayak or an SUP board and head to Päijänne National Park and Kelvenne esker island, for instance. A marked kayaking route is great for beginners, as is a beginners’ SUP course that will teach you the basics of stand-up paddle boarding.

Jounin kalakeikka Jouni Niiranen Lahti Vesijärvi


The clean waters of Lake Päijänne and Vesijärvi provide amazing opportunities for fishers to make the catches of their dreams. If you need someone to explain the secrets of fishing to you, try a guided fishing tour with a professional.

Padasjoen Laivaranta Kiuasniemi Marina Päijänne Padasjoki Harbour

Marina services for boaters

Here you will find the contact details for service marinas in the Lahti region.

Lahti harbour

This is where you will meet Lahti residents, especially in the summer. The harbour is full of restaurants and cafés, many of which are open all year round.

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Popular destinations by water

Kullasvuori maisematorni Päijänteen kansallispuisto Padasjoki Päijänne National Park

Padasjoen Laivaranta Marina

At the marina, you can enjoy the treats of the Kiuasniemi Marina summer restaurant and rent an SUP board or a boat taxi. From the marina, you can hop on a cruise in Päijänne National Park to Kelvenne island’s lagoon sandy beaches. You can also climb the Kullasvuori observation tower, from where you can snap “the most instagrammable” shots of your holiday.

Ilola Inn laituri iltavalaistuksessa Sysmä Suopelto Lake Päijänne

Pinxinmäki and the new Ilola Inn in Suopelto, Sysmä

In the Suopelto district of Sysmä, two true gems are located almost next to each other: summer restaurant Pinxinmäki, which is known for its art exhibitions, and the luxury hotel and new lakeside restaurant Ilola Inn. Both are located within handy walking distance from New Port Sysmä.

Kimolan kanava Kimola canal

From Heinola harbour to the Kimola canal

Enjoy a great meal and the Kymenvirta rapids scenery at RantaCasino. After your meal, it’s nice to stroll underneath the poplar trees in the nearby Rantapuisto park. Aboard M/S Pyhäjärvi, you can cruise to the Vuolenkoski summer market, try the berry wines of Viini-Pihamaa winery in Kalkkinen or continue to the recently opened Kimola canal.

Kelvenne Kelventeen harjusaari Päijänteen kansallispuisto Päijänne national park ridge islan

Kelvenne – an Ice Age miracle

A true gem of Salpausselkä Geopark and Päijänne National Park is the eight kilometres long Kelvenne esker island. Its lagoon-like sandy beaches invite you to take a dip in the clear waters of Lake Päijänne. A nature trail runs from one end of the island to the other, and there are several camping and campfire sites along the trail. You can reach the island on a cruise boat from Padasjoki marina or a taxi boat from Padasjoki or Lehmonkärki Resort.

Lietsaari Päijänteen kansallispuisto Päijänne National Park

Lietsaari – a paradise island on Lake Päijänne

Lietsaari is a small island in Päijänne National Park, next to Kelvenne island. The highlight of Lietsaari is its narrow cape with fine sandy beaches. When you dip your feet in the water on the sandbanks of the cape, you are transported to a magical land. You can reach the island on a taxi boat from Padasjoki or Lehmonkärki Resort.

Pulkkilanharju, Asikkala Salpausselkä Geopark

Nature attractions by the water

Salpausselkä Geopark – A landscape created by water. Explore geologically valuable places and enchanting nature paths with beautiful sceneries by the water.