Make great finds at local design shops

When you’re in Lahti, don’t miss out on the local shopping street Rautatienkatu! The lovely design shops on Rautatienkatu offer spectacular and unique finds, such as fashion, accessories and jewellery. Some of the shops even double up as artisan workshops. Friends of wooden architecture and design should head to the cute little Puine boutique that specialises in birch plywood, and the impressive Pro Puu Centre located at the Lahti harbour.


The heart of Cocoonhouse beats to the rhythm of sustainability, ethical production and a small carbon footprint. Cocoonhouse’s clothing collection for women and children is made almost entirely in Lahti, using ecological and primarily Finnish materials. Cocoonhouse is the creation of the Lahti-based clothing designer and entrepreneur Riikka Flink. You can find the brick-and-mortar shop on Rautatienkatu, close to the travel centre.

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MariMari is a women’s clothing and lifestyle shop in Lahti. The women’s clothing and accessories in MariMari Collection are made in Lahti. The selection in MariMari’s brick-and-mortar shop also features different Finnish and European lifestyle products, such as interior design items, jewellery, handbags, hats, organic cosmetics and environmentally friendly detergents. MariMari is a daily source of inspiration and joy for its founder Mari Nieminen. MariMari can be found on both sides of Rautatienkatu at Rautatienkatu 13 and 18.

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Kiva Kombo

Kiva Kombo is a shop that sells design and artisanal products in Lahti, and is also the studio of Huhtadesign. Their products are made in the workshop located at the back of the store. Kiva Kombo has a wide selection of interior design and place setting products, postcards, handbags, purses, small leather items, stuffed toys and jewellery! All products have been designed and made by entrepreneurs in Lahti. The driving force behind Huhtadesign is Mari Huhtala, who is inspired by new materials, daily life, work and people. Kiva Kombo’s cosy brick-and-mortar shop is located on Rautatienkatu, close to the travel centre.

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Petit St Louis

Petit St Louis is an elegant and laid-back lifestyle boutique that is known for its exclusive labels, the Support Your Local brand and different urban culture projects. The boutique’s selection consists of high-quality and stylish women’s clothing, perfumes, homeware (such as candles) and other specialty products. Support Your Local is a product family and brand created by entrepreneurial couple Toni Putula and Heidi Kivinen and was established to promote localness and resist conspicuous consumption. The boutique is located in Lahti city centre on Rautatienkatu.

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Puine is a cute little workshop and boutique on Okeroistentie in Lahti that sells everything wonderful made from birch plywood. Puine has jewellery, watches, interior design products, toys, accessories as well as lovely gift items! The products are made from Finnish raw materials in Puine’s workshop in Lahti, and the product selection is added to regularly. An environmentally friendly approach is important for Puine: Puine uses locally sourced and produced birch plywood, environmentally friendly wood finishing products, reuses some packaging materials and keeps the use of plastic in both products and packaging to a minimum. Puine ky is Jasmiina’s one-woman company, which was created in the successful NY StartUp project.

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Pro Puu Centre

Pro Puu association is a nationally significant organisation of specialists in the wood industry. Pro Puu Centre is located at the passenger harbour of Lake Vesijärvi, next to Sibelius Hall. The shelves of Pro Puu Centre’s shop are full of the best Finnish wood design products. The selection includes items for daily use, jewellery, gift items as well as paper products. Quality, innovation and ethical considerations are key criteria when selecting products for the shop. When visiting Pro Puu Centre, don’t forget to check out the interesting exhibitions! The Pro Puu gallery has a variety of exhibitions related to wood, which change on a monthly basis. The Attic gallery has a permanent exhibition “The Arc of Joinery” that presents different kinds of joinery techniques. The collection has been accumulated since 2004 and more exhibits are still being added.

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