Lahti Harbour

This is where you will meet us Lahti residents, especially in the summer. The harbour is full of restaurants and cafés, many of which are open all year round. The crowning jewel of the harbour is Sibelius Hall where concerts and cultural events are organised. You can also spot other wooden architecture buildings in the harbour area. And as we are in the harbour, you can hop on the deck of a cruise ship.

Lakeside delicacies

Bar&Bistro Kokka Lahti ravintola restaurant

Bar&Bistro Kokka

Kokka is located next to Sibelius Hall and Piano Paviljonki. On the menu, you can find meat cured in a dry ager cabinet, sharing platters for the entire table, artisanal pizza and small tapas treats.

Ravintola Lastu Sibeliustalo Restaurant Lastu Sibelius Hall

Restaurant Lastu

Sibelius Hall’s renewed restaurant Lastu is decorated in the style of art deco but its flavours are inspired by Finnish forests. Lastu serves weekday lunches, dinner and a popular Sunday brunch.

Piano Paviljonki Vesijärven satama Lahti harbour kesällä

Piano Pavilion

Part of the harbour’s Wood Architecture Park, the pavilion’s terrace has probably the most stunning view of the entire harbour and Lake Vesijärvi. The restaurant serves casual summer cuisine from sandwiches to beach burgers.

Teerenranta Lahden satama Vesijärven satama Lahti Harbour

Teerenranta bar

Here you can try the beers, ciders and award-winning whiskies of the local Teerenpeli brewery and distillery. If you are craving a savoury snack, try the famous Sulami toast.

Banana Split jäätelölaiva Vesijärven satama Lahti

Ice cream boat Banana Split

You are guaranteed to find any ice cream flavour you could ever dream of here. The selection features soft ice cream, balls of ice cream, vegan-friendly options and legendary ice cream sundaes inspired by tv series. Can you guess who has inspired the ice cream sundaes called Brooke and Ridge?

Kahvila Kariranta Vesijärven satama Lahti Harbour

Café Kariranta – The Heart of The Harbour

Located in the old Vesijärvi train station building, Kariranta is the true gem of the harbour. Pastries baked in the café will make your mouth water. Kariranta and the adjacent artisanal shop Ulpukka are open all year round. If you are looking for a cup of coffee, you can head also to the harbour warehouse cafés where, in the summer, you can make great design and retro finds from the Aatekaappi pop-up summer shop.

Vesijärven satama terassiravintola Lahti harbour restaurant ilta-aurinko

Restaurant boats to suit every taste

There are many boats moored at the harbour and you won’t need a cruise ticket to board since they’re not going anywhere! Kaunis Veera and s/s Ilona serve lunch and á la carte. The terrace of the barge Aila serves delicious barbecue dishes and snacks. On the deck of Teerenranta, you can sample the products of Teerenpeli brewery and distillery. And m/s Tuulantei, or the Banana Split ice cream ship, is a must if you have a sweet tooth.

Ravintola Nosturi Teivaan satama Lahti Restaurant Nosturi Teivaa Harbour Lahti

Restaurants Nosturi and Lokki

Technically, we’re already in Teivaa harbour but we’ll let it slide. Opened in summer 2020, Nosturi is a restaurant serving premium street food with recipes developed by Finnish star chef Hans Välimäki, among others. Lokki is known for its barbecue and stand-up comedy nights as well as its lunch buffet. From Lokki, you can rent jet skis in the summer and ice skates in the winter. You can reach Nosturi and Lokki when you take a little stroll along the shore and keep your eyes fixed on the ski jumps. Turn right after Pikku-Vesijärven puisto park and you have arrived at the Teivaa harbour.

Sibelius Hall – the crowning jewel of the harbour

You can admire the architecture of Sibelius Hall and the impressive Forest Hall on concert evenings but also in the building’s restaurant Lastu, which is open every day.

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Wood Architecture Park – modern design in the harbour and by Lake Vesijärvi

Wood Architecture Park

Lahti Harbour | Pro Puu Centre & Gallery

Pro Puu Centre is home to a national association of wood industry specialists, including cabinet makers, designers and architects.

Wood Architecture Park

Wood Architecture Park | Resting place on the embankment

A recent addition to the Wood Architecture Park is the installation of the Spirit of Nature prize-winning artwork Lamina 2 by the Chilean architect José Cruz Ovalle.

Wood Architecture Park

Wood Architecture Park | Wooden Pavilion

Visitors at the event park are greeted by a beautiful, modern gateway, a part of the Lahti City Wood Architecture Park.

Wood Architecture Park

Wood Architecture Park | Wooden Spiral

Richard Leplastrier was requested to design an architectural work at the junction of the Ankkurikatu and Niemenkatu streets in Lahti, and he prepared the design carefully on the spot in the summer of 2005.

Lakeland Finland invites you to cruise

In the summer months, a wide selection of different kinds of cruises set off from the Lake Vesijärvi harbour. Choose a sunny lunchtime cruise, an atmospheric canal cruise to Vääksy and back on a summer’s evening, a day trip through two canals to Heinola and back, a picnic trip to Enonsaari island or a party cruise on a paddle steamer.

Tip: On the Lahti–Heinola–Lahti route, the ship stops at the Vääksy canal where you can jump off and back on again in the evening. There is plenty to see, restaurants to try and shopping to do along the canal and in Old Vääksy for an entire day.

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