Lahti Harbour

This is where you will meet us Lahti residents, especially in the summer. The harbour is full of restaurants and cafés, many of which are open all year round. The crowning jewel of the harbour is Sibelius Hall where concerts and cultural events are organised. You can also spot other wooden architecture buildings in the harbour area. And as we are in the harbour, you can hop on the deck of a cruise ship.

Lakeside delicacies

Sibelius Hall – the crowning jewel of the harbour

You can admire the architecture of Sibelius Hall and the impressive Forest Hall on concert evenings but also in the building’s restaurant Lastu, which is open every day.

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Lakeland Finland invites you to cruise

In the summer months, a wide selection of different kinds of cruises set off from the Lake Vesijärvi harbour. Choose a sunny lunchtime cruise, an atmospheric canal cruise to Vääksy and back on a summer’s evening, a day trip through two canals to Heinola and back, a picnic trip to Enonsaari island or a party cruise on a paddle steamer.

Tip: On the Lahti–Heinola–Lahti route, the ship stops at the Vääksy canal where you can jump off and back on again in the evening. There is plenty to see, restaurants to try and shopping to do along the canal and in Old Vääksy for an entire day.

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