The most sustainable flexible packaging company with a promise to reduce company’s CO2 footprint to ZERO.


Wipak is an international packaging company that specialises in manufacturing multilayer films for packaging food and medical products. The corporate group, which employs nearly 2,000 people, has set its goal to be the most sustainable flexible packaging company in the world and to reduce its carbon footprint to zero. Wipak actively develops new solutions for reducing the amount of packaging material needed and utilising bio-based or recycled raw materials in plastic packaging.

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Although recycling is in a big role, it must remembered that the ultimate task of the packaging is always to protect its contents, reduction of food waste and securing patient safety.

The partnership of Wipak with Green Lahti is based on more sustainable use of plastic packaging.

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Visits to Wipak Oy

During the visit, the group will be given a presentation of the company and Wipak’s sustainable packaging solutions. The visiting group may have a possibility to get also a factory tour. Depending on the size of the visiting group and the content of the visit, it will last one to one and half hours.

To whom
For decision makers, journalists, people working in the medical device or food industry or studying in the related branches, and for all others interested in sustainable packaging solutions and willing to hear how a plastic company Wipak is going to achieve its target of becoming carbon neutral.

Visiting instructions and accessibility
Wipak Oy is situated in the Eastern part of Lahti, Wipaktie 2, Nastola. The parking areas for visitors’ cars are in the front of the info/reception building. The parking for the bus needs to be agreed separately. Registration numbers of all cars needs to be informed to the company in advance for the gate recognition.

There are steps and thresholds at the factory and factory area. Moving with a wheelchair maybe difficult. The COVID-19 situation might limit the organization of visits and factory tours.

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Did you know this about Wipak?

  • 01
    Wihuri Group consists of four business areas: packaging, daily goods wholesale, technical trade and aviation. Packaging Division consists of two high-profile operations: WIPAK in Europe and Asia and WINPAK in North America.
  • 02
    Wihuri’s packaging business started in 1967, when company bought a Finnish, already in 1950 established plastic producer. Operations in Nastola begun soon after this, at the beginning with the name Wipakkaus.
  • 03
    Wipak is producing multilayer films for food and medical device industries, and sterilization pouches for the healthcare facilities. Our cheese and sausage packages can for sure be found also in your fridge.
  • 04
    Wipak has set a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Huge steps have already been taken by changing to the use of green energy, by optimizing company’s supply chain and by investing into the development of Sustainable packaging range.
  • 05
    Wipak’s product development is concentrating on downgauging (less material), recyclability of packages and utilizing recycled or biobased materials where ever it is possible. Main target of packaging is however always to protect its content, reducing food waste and securing patient safety.

Tip: Combine your visit to Wipak with Salpakierto

The consumer does not have to wonder what plastic each packaging is. If it is plastic, it is suitable for plastic recycling! All plastic packaging other than PVC is accepted for collection. PVC is not found in any Wipak products. It is important that as much as possible of the plastic packaging used ends up in recycling. Salpakierto is responsible for the Rinki recycling points intended for consumers in the Lahti region. You can also hear about this function by visiting Salpakierto.

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