Promoting the circular economy for the benefit of our environment.

Salpakierto Ltd is owned by 10 municipalities, and is tasked with performing municipal waste management services in the region of the shareholder municipalities. These tasks include the reception, processing, recycling and utilisation of waste, as well as the development of waste management and the provision of the information related to it. The region, where it operates, has about 200,000 residents and some 13,000 companies.

Since its establishment in 1993, Salpakierto has taken bold, innovative steps to promote recycling and the circular economy and to protect the environment. Over the years, the emphasis of its operations has shifted from landfill activities to recycling. Almost 100 % of municipal waste is reutilised every year and the recycling rate was 43 % in 2020.

Come and visit the Kujala Waste Centre. It is the main site of Salpakierto Ltd and its only waste treatment site. Several circular economy companies are situated on- site, thereby forming an industrial symbiosis. This place has hosted international groups interested in our solutions and circular economy model.

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Visits to Salpakierto Ltd

During the visit, the group will be given a presentation of the company and a tour of the waste centre area. The visiting group should have their own vehicle for the tour. The tour does not include visiting inside the treatment plants. Depending on the content of the visit, it will last one to two hours.
This is a place to visit for all who are interested in recycling and the circular economy.

Visiting instructions and accessibility
Salpakierto Ltd is situated in the Siivola area, Sapelikatu 7 in Lahti. The parking areas for cars are in the front and back of the office building. The parking for the bus depends on the available area.

The office building is accessible for wheelchairs and the large meeting room is situated next to the main lobby. There is one restroom for men, and one for women, as well as one accessible restroom. The COVID-19 situation might limit the use of the office building premises.
There is an asphalt ramp to the waste reception station Pilleri, where the surface is flat and easy to move on. The tour does not include visiting inside the treatment plants.


Did you know this about Salpakierto?

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    The company’s webpages are easy to use and there are instructions for household waste sorting and advice for residential properties about waste management.
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    Take a deep breath when visiting the waste centre area, there is almost no odour at all. Daily odour monitoring is carried out by a board, which is made up of local residents. An odour modelling system is used to monitor the spreading of odours in the surroundings on a map in real time.
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    In 2020, the plastic recycling amount per citizen was 8,.5 kgs, which is more than double compared to the national average.

Tip: Combine Lahti Energy and Salpakierto

From waste fractions to fuel and from fuel to energy. Follow the recycled fuel’s route from Salpakierro to Lahti Energy’s power plant and get acquainted with local energy and heat production. Homes in the Lahti area are heated with bio and recycled fuel.

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