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Carefree Green Energy.

The Lahti Energy group invests in eco-efficiency and renewable forms of energy. Since the old Kymijärvi, the coal power plant was closed and the Kymijärvi III biomass-fired plant was introduced. The homes in the area are now warmed with biofuels and recycled fuel.

Would you like to know more about the company which has played a key role in reducing the region’s carbon dioxide emissions? How did the city of Lahti succeed in the energy shift and how could this information also be utilised in your company or region? The tour, which is led by the company’s staff, will take place in the Kymijärvi power plant area.

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The era of coal in Lahti is over

The use of coal was abandoned on April 1, 2020, and Finland’s most environmentally friendly biomass-fired plant, Kymijärvi III, was commissioned. The fuel comes from the nearby forests, and the ashes from the process are returned to the forests to make the nutrients circulate.

The water separated from the fuel is recycled in a process and, therefore, the amount of condensation water discharged into Lake Vesijärvi is minimal. The condensate cleaning process developed by Lahti Energia is unique in Finland.

The Kymijärvi II gasification plant runs on recycled fuel

The Kymijärvi II gasification plant is the world’s first gasification power plant using only recycled fuel. It is unique: there is no equivalent anywhere else in the world. The plant is considerably more efficient than waste incineration plants and a great example of Finnish energy expertise. The solid recovered fuel used in power plants is produced from separately collected energy waste.

Visits to Lahti Energy Ltd

Lahti Energy Ltd’s staff will introduce the company and show you around the area, if possible. The power plant area is in operation year-round, but during the revision or when there are other repair or construction projects in the area, there are restrictions on the time of the visit. The duration of the visit and the area to be presented depend on the operation of the power plant.

Lahti Energy Ltd accepts limited groups of professional visitors, e.g. media representatives, politicians and other decision-makers as well as energy professionals.

Visiting instructions and information about accessibility
Before the visit, visitors should conduct an online safety briefing. The list of visitors must be submitted to Lahti Region in advance.

The visitor centre is located at the gate of the Kymijärvi power plant area (Voimakatu 16 Lahti) which can be reached by car. The car park is in front of the visitor centre.

During the COVID-19, the visitor centre is not open to visitors, and visits are held outdoors. There is no access to the power plants. The power plant area is paved and the length of the outdoor tour is about 600 metres. The yard area has asphalted ramps of a varying slope.

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Did you know this about Lahti Energy?

  • 01
    The company was one of the first in Finland to give up coal in energy production in 2019.
  • 02
    The energy transition reduced company’s annual CO2 emissions by 600,000 tonnes! Emissions have been reduced to one-tenth in 20 years.
  • 03
    The district heating in Lahti is produced almost carbon-neutral from biofuels and recycled fuels.

Influencing the lives of the people of Lahti