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Welcome to Finland!

The happiest nation in the world already 5th time in a row, says Global Happiness Report by UN.

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Finland is known for its

Healthcare system
Education system
Gender equality
Literacy skills
Digital public services
Freedom of press

Finland is a very stable country – health and safety are very important values for us. Our water and air are one of the cleanest in the world. Finland is Europe’s most forested country – about 70% of Finland is covered with trees. Forests are our natural source of happiness due to “Everyman’s rights” which means that you can walk freely in the nature, anywhere you want. It also allows anyone to pick wild berries, herbs, mushrooms and flowers and fish with a rod and a line.

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Four Seasons of Happiness

Energy from winter swimming

Wild herb delicacies of spring

Summer holiday at cottage

Autumn vibes in nature

Lahti Region – Heart of Lakeland Finland

To put it right, Lahti is the gateway to Lakeland Finland. Traveling up from Helsinki, Lahti is the southernmost point of the district.

Lakeland Finland is the largest lakeland district in Europe. It is a blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, interspersed with forests and ridges. Finland has 188 000 lakes and most of them are situated in the heart of Finland. There is no scenery more Finnish than a cottage by the lake surrounded by emerald green forest.

This is Lakeland Finland

Nature explorer, active vacationer or authenticity seeker, attention!

We are for You. Lahti region offers an invincible combination of urban and natural experiences for vacationers as well as for international congress and event guests.

Lahti Region Is Easy to Reach

The Lahti Region is located at the intersection of Finland’s major north-south and east-west thoroughfares. The airport and capital city region are just an hour away from Lahti by car, bus or train.

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Lahti Region for Professionals

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DMC Lakeland Finland Tours

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Visit Lahti at your service

Our main purpose in Visit Lahti (Lahti Region – Lahti Region Oy) is to increase tourism in the region. We are reponsible for the destination marketing, promotion and sales of tourism services. Our goal is also to acquire new events and congresses to the region.

Our Convention and Event bureau is available for you, when planning an event or congress.

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Lakeland Finland Tours

DMC services in Finnish Lakeland, Archipelago and Capital regions

Lakeland Finland Tours is a regional Destination Management Company with its office in the city of Lahti.

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