Wellness & Sauna

Authentic Finnish sauna is a natural place for overall wellness and revival. We offer a wide range of sauna options with guidance and food. In the winter, the experience naturally includes a dip into a frozen lake.

If you want to explore even more, we recommend traditional Finnish sauna treatments or even Sauna Yoga. Nature is also an essential part of Finnish wellness. Our professional nature guides take you into the forest to pick berries, mushrooms or herbs, and learn more about the benefits of nature in everyday life.

Western Lakeland Sauna Tour

Dive into the Finnish sauna culture and experience all its features. Bathe in many kinds of saunas, from smoke saunas to modern sauna worlds with jacuzzis, from country side saunas to city saunas. Meet the locals in a public sauna. Learn about whisking and sauna treatments. Try a refreshing dip in the lake. This 5-day package is for minimum 4 persons, suitable also for groups.

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Joy of feelings and strengthening your presence

This one week tour package is ideal for 2-15 persons. Choose programs of your interest and deepen your understanding of Finnish nature, culture, traditions. The idea is that, over five-ten days, you do relaxing things and fill your body and mind with pure air and positive thoughts and you have left stresses of real life far behind you. Once you’ve spent a few days exploring… go offline and slip into a meditative state!

Please contact us for detailed itinerary

Product Manuals for travel trade

For your personal copy of our product manuals in English, German or Japanese – please contact: Head of Production & Sales Anu Huusko.

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Travellamo Vellam herbal sauna pihlajavihta whisking

Vellamo's herbal sauna

Vellamo’s traditional sauna programmes respect the ancient Fenno-Ugric nature wisdom, Finnish folklore and traditional herbal medicine. We follow the changes of the seasons by using seasonal plants, herbs and flowers and other natural remedies in the sauna rituals. Vellamo’s 3-4-hour herbal sauna program is ideal for 2-8 persons. We’ll take a slow walk into a nearby forest and gather herbs for our footbaths as well as tree branches for our personal energising power whisks. You will learn about the importance of nature in Finnish culture, Finnish folklore as well as herbal medicine and the powers of herbs and plants. We will start our aromatic herbal sauna with facial masks and foot-baths. Afterwards you’ll feel relaxed and as if you were born again!

Hollolan Hirvi savusauna smoke sauna ja palju kesäiltana

Hollolan Hirvi smoke sauna

Hollolan Hirvi smoke sauna offers the smooth löyly experience in the authentic Finnish countryside of Hollola, just 15 minutes from Lahti. The sauna is built from massive aspen logs and according to traditional Finnish building heritage. The sauna can fit up to 24 people to enjoy the löyly. The sauna terrace has its own heated bath tub and a fireplace. There are various packages available, from sauna+bath tub evenings to guided sauna rituals and Sauna Yoga.

m/s Happy Days -laiva Lahti Vesijärvi

Finnish sauna tradition and Lakeland – m/s Happy Days

Experience the beauty of Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti or the second largest lake in Finland, Lake Päijänne, by taking a charter cruise in the relaxing atmosphere of M/S Happy Days! M/S Happy Days offers tailored charter cruises according to your wishes. One of the most interesting things is that there is also a wood heated sauna onboard, enabling you to enjoy the smooth warmth of a Finnish sauna in the middle of the lake! Group size max 12 persons.

Lahden Urheilukeskus Maauimala Lahti Sports Centre Outdoor swimming pool

Lahti Sports Centre outdoor swimming pool

Come and enjoy the summer weather at the Lahti Sports Centre’s unique outdoor swimming pool, under the massive Ski Jump Tower. The pool complex is open to swimmers and sunbathers from 1 June to 14 August. The complex features both a 50 m pool and a shallow paddling pool located at one end. Sauna is available in the shower rooms, too.

Unique saunas in Lahti Region

All saunas and spas in Lahti Region

Lehmonkärki Resort Sauna World by Lake Päijänne

Yli-Kaitala Resort Moss Sauna in Iitti

Mukkula Manor beach sauna 5 minutes from Lahti city centre