Premium Conditions for Sports Holiday

How about a holiday filled with sports and exercising? Training, resting and nutrition in perfect balance – with no long distances to travel.  Spend the night, tour the city sights after your workout and enjoy a breakfast you don’t have to cook yourself in the morning.

City of Lahti

Lahti is traditionally known as a Finnish and international sports city. Lahti provides opportunities for exercise for more than 400 different sports and outdoor activities to its residents and tourists alike.


Lahti Sports Centre

Within walking distance of city centre hotels, you can see the Lahti landmarks: the three ski jumps. In addition to large-scale events, the Lahti Sports Centre serves a great number of active residents and visitors on a daily basis. The Sports Centre is home to the ski jumps, the Stadium, Lahti Sports and Fair Centre, sports facilities of the ski jump grandstand and a private sauna and meeting room available upon request, the main grandstand’s running track, the Martial Arts Arena, the Ski Museum, several restaurants and the outdoor pool, which is open in the summer. Don’t miss the Sport Centre!


Riding in Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark

A varied terrain and splendid lake views make the scenery of Lahti Region an exceptional cycling destination.

Lahden Maauimala Urheilukeskus Suurmäen näköalatorni Lahti Sports Centre Ski Jump Tower sightseeing platform

Swimming Halls

There are 4 swimming halls in Lahti and an outdoor swimming pool by the ski jumps. Check here all swimming halls located in the Lahti region.

Litti-patsas Satue of Jari Litmanen

Sport Fan's Must See

1. The statue of Jari Litmanen, the most successful Finnish footballer, and the Olympic Rings in Kisapuisto park
2. Ski Museum at the Lahti Sports Centre
3. Suurmäki ski jump at the Lahti Sports Centre
Check all sights here.

Lehmusreitti Radiomäki kaupunkiluontopolku city nature trail

City walking Tours

Check here our best tips for urban walking and running routes. You’ll find a diverse mix of different types of forests, lookout spots, lake shores and the most interesting sights in Lahti.

Yoga Rocks Lahti

Indoor Sports

Trampolin Park, the climbing walls at Ladeo and YogaRocks, indoor skateparks, glow bowling alleys and many other fun indoor activity locations are perfect for active holidaymakers, no matter what the weather’s like!

Häränsilmän lampi Lahden Urheilukeskuksessa Häränsilmä pond in Lahti Sports Centre

A landscape created by water

Salpausselkä Geopark, situated in the Lahti region in southern Finland, tells the story of the best-known geological entity of Finland. Explore the sites and enjoy the scenery when training outdoors.


Pajulahti is Finland’s only Olympic training centre certified by the Olympic and the Paralympic Committee. Its location by Lake Iso-Kukkanen, sports professionals and high-quality sports facilities make Pajulahti an excellent location for active holidaymakers.

Pajulahden seisova lounaspöytä

Well-being bread and other restaurant services

Fresh well-being bread is baked in Pajulahti every day! In addition to organic flour, the dough is packed with organic peas, carrots and seeds in order to achieve better nutritional values for the product: protein, vitamins and minerals. The Pajulahti scenic restaurant has a great view of Lake Iso-Kukkanen. The kitchen has its own diet cook, which means high-quality and safe food products in line with nutritional recommendations are available for all guests. Local and organic ingredients are preferred in the cooking.

MG_8639-Kangaspaju Pajulahti accommodation

Have you ever spent the night in an alpine hut?

In 2019, a new apartment hotel of 32 rooms was built in Pajulahti: Puistopaju. Eight of the Puistopaju rooms are alpine hut rooms where you can adjust the oxygen content of the indoor air to correspond to a mountain climate. Learn more about Pajulahti’s accommodation opportunities and book your stay.

Pajulahti kuntosali gym

Instructed classes, cross training and gym

You don’t have to register for instructed classes, you can join with a season pass or a one-off fee of €10. The light-filled gym of the main building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including David Fitness Centre equipment. Customers staying at the Sports Institute have unrestricted access to the gym. The crosstraining gym and regular gym are open every day 07:00–21:30.


Pajulahti is accessible

Pajulahti is the first Paralympic Training Center in Finland. Pajulahti is the most accessible sports institute in Finland. Sports enthusiasts can exercise in different ways and top athletes can train all the way to the Olympics.
The Paralympic Training Center is the official training centre of the Finnish Paralympic Committee and the Paralympic team that provides diverse help for para-athletes and coaches from the grass-root level to top athletics.

Vierumäki Resort

The Sport Institute of Finland – Olympic Training Centre is the country’s leading sports training centre. Vierumäki Resort has initiated a massive investment programme to develop the area’s properties and services. Sports and exercise facilities, accommodation and restaurant services will be improved.


Motorsports in the Lahti region

The Lahti region has great and varying opportunities for trying out and competing in motor sports. The kart race track Pippo in Lahti is one of the most popular tracks in Finland, where many motor athletes, such as F1 star Valtteri Bottas, have started their career. In recent years, Finnish championship competitions and national competition in smaller classes have been organised regularly on the track. The track is maintained by the Lahden FK-kerho club that is also responsible for the daily activities at the track: the junior club activities and rental car operations.


Kymiring – an international motor sports centre

KymiRing is the only track in Finland that meets the criteria of the International Automobile Federation FIA and the International Motorcycling Federation FIM, which also enables organising international major competitions. This newest and most modern track in Northern Europe and its functions are designed according to the sport’s current sustainable development standards.