Lehmusreitti – an urban nature trail almost in the city centre

The urban park trail in Lahti city centre, Lehmusreitti (“Tilia Trail”), is a diverse mix of different types of forests, lookout spots, lake shores and the most interesting sights in Lahti. Covering 13 kilometres, the trail never veers more than two kilometres from the central market square, and you can easily walk only a section of the entire trail. The route is marked with a green linden leaf symbol. Visit Lahti picked some excellent spots along the trail.


Lahti harbour and Lanupuisto park

The start of the trail leads you to the shore of Lake Vesijärvi. The lakeside path takes you to Lahti harbour with stunning scenery surrounding you at every step. In the harbour, you can take a little break in one of the many cute cafés and restaurants. You can also admire the area’s modern wooden architecture as the harbour is home to the impressive concert and congress centre Sibelius Hall and the versatile Wood Architecture Park in its surroundings.

Next to the harbour is the magical Kariniemi forest. You will encounter a surprise on the forest path: Lanupuisto park. The sculpture park consists of 12 large-scale concrete sculptures by sculptor Olavi Lanu. The works of art are hidden in the forest and that’s the point: they are meant to collect moss and blend in with nature.

The most fantastic scenery of the trail on top of Mustakallionmäki hill

On the eastern side of the city centre is the high Kivistönmäki hill with its water tower. Soon, the hill changes to Mustakallionmäki hill. Up on the hill, you can admire the grand glaciated rocks next to a forest bustling with squirrels. When you stop off at Mustakalliontie, you can enjoy probably the most fantastic view across the entire city centre. From here, you can snap a shot with almost all of Lahti’s sights, from the ski jumps to Lake Vesijärvi and the city hall.

City hall and Radiomäki hill

If you don’t have all day to spend, the southern section of the trail is the closest to Lahti city centre. You should definitely check out the impressive city hall designed by famous Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen and the beautiful park spreading out in front of the building. From the corner of the city hall, you can climb up to Radiomäki hill where you can spot interesting plants that are native to the ridges and eskers. Here you can find the Hypochaeris, the signature flower of Lahti.

Up on Radiomäki hill, you can’t miss the landmarks of Lahti: the 150-metre tall radio masts. There used to be a Finnish Public Broadcasting Company radio station at the foot of the masts but nowadays, it’s home to the Radio and TV Museum where you can dive deep into the history of Finnish television.

Lahti Sports Centre

At Lahti Sports Centre, you can admire the famous ski jumps. In the summer, we recommend taking the time to visit the top of the Suurmäki ski jump. It has an observation deck that is open daily in June–August. The Sports Centre also houses the Ski Museum with its ski jump simulator and Voitto restaurant, which has large window walls opening up towards the ski jumps. In summer, you can go for a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool located in the landing of the Suurmäki ski jump.

Behind the Sports Centre, Salpausselkä – a terminal moraine formed by the Ice Age – rises towards the sky. A specialty in the forest nature is the deep kettle holes created by the Ice Age. There are paths running along the sides and bottoms of the holes and you should definitely explore them: the bottoms of the kettle holes are magically quiet and lovely lush and green. On the Salpausselkä ridge, you will also find the Häränsilmä pond that is also a kettle hole left behind by the Ice Age.

Pikku-Vesijärvi Park

A great spot for ending the Lehmusreitti urban nature trail is Pikku-Vesijärven Park. At the heart of the park, you will find the Musical Fountain. The fountain comes alive in the water organ shows. In June–September, you can admire the show every day at 13:00 and 18:00. In October and November, the musical fountain show is completed with a colourful light spectacle, and you can catch it every day at 19:00.

Learn more about the Lehmusreitti urban nature trail

There are also many other interesting things to see along the Lehmusreitti trail, both nature destinations and tourist attractions. You can walk through the route at any time of the year because it runs mostly on pedestrian paths. However, in the winter, it is a good idea to avoid the ski tracks around the Sports Centre.

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