Lahti. Easy Choice for Meetings & Events

Our world-class venues, walkable city centre and will-do attitude will ensure a fun and fuss free event for every participant.

We are actively seeking opportunities to bid for and host fascinating events and meetings suitable to the Lahti region.
Our city of Lahti: it’s easy to live here, feel it and experience it. We warmly welcome you to come and experience it as well.



#Modern venues at competitive prices – great value for money

The region offers an impressive range of venues. The total cost, including accommodation and transportation, is lower than in larger cities.

#Nature as a venue

Surprise your guests; the beautifully clear water of Lake Päijänne and the fresh air will leave a lasting impression. During the wintertime, you can learn how to ski or skate on the lake, or even try your hand at exotic ice fishing.

#Easy access

Lahti is located less than an hour from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport by train or car. Once you arrive in the city, everything is within walking distance. The Lahti transport hub, the venues, restaurants, shopping streets and most hotels are close at hand.

#Commitment to green values

Lahti has committed to making the city green, inside and out. Our residents and businesses lead the way in urban sustainable living. The region’s expertise in recycling and remediation of contaminated water and soil is recognised at an international level.

#People in Lahti

People in Lahti know one another and local service providers, and they are proud of local products. In the sports sector alone, there are 160 Sports Clubs in the Lahti region and thousands of volunteers with a wide range of language skills. Two universities of applied sciences provide young and skilful volunteers for LOCs use.