Signature Events

For more than a hundred years, international sporting events have been organised in the Lahti region. Think about that.

In addition to the ski world cup and world championships, staples include Ironman, Redbull 400 and, recent additions that make use of the UNESCO Salpausselkä Geopark’s natural venue, Nordic Gravel Series and FNLD GRVL cycling events.

It’s not only top athletes who enjoy Lahti – the same surroundings and events are shared and participated in by children, young people and enthusiasts of different sports, starting with beginners.

FIS Nordic Ski World Championships and Lahti Ski Games

Did you know that Lahti is the only place in the world that has organised the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships seven times and that it will soon be hosting the competition for the eighth time?

In 2017, the event brought together a total of 220,000 spectators to Salpausselkä, attracted massive global media coverage and was internationally acknowledged for its arrangements, and especially for the development efforts put into service design and sustainability.

In 2023, the annual Lahti Ski Games, a FIS Nordic World Cup Competition, will celebrate its 100-year journey by bringing the world’s best skiers and ski jumpers once again to Salpausselkä to be cheered on by Finnish spectators.

Lahti and major ski events are a match made in heaven!
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Ironman 70.3

Ironman is one of the strongest sporting event brands, and these events are only staged in locations that add novelty and attraction to the concept. Lahti is a fine example of this, and what starts with Ironman 70.3 will continue with the World Championships in 2023!

The Ironman World Championships will bring together the world’s best triathletes in the scenery of Salpausselkä Unesco Global Geopark, where more than 6,000 participants will compete. The event will be one of the most significant sporting events in Finland’s recent history, and in the history of Ironman, Lahti is only the third European city to be awarded the honour of hosting the World Championships.

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RedBull 400

Redbull is one of the most famous brands and media in the world – known for its innovative event concepts and high-quality event organisation. The Redbull 400 event has been organised in Lahti for several years.

In this event, competitors experience the toughest 400 metres of their life, climbing from the Lahti Sports Centre’s ski jump landing to the top of the ski jump. The race includes hundreds of competitors, from world-class skiing and outdoor athletes to ordinary people who love to work out.

Redbull 400 is a brilliant example of how sports infrastructure can be utilised in a brand new and creative way – and where else than in Salpausselkä Unesco Global Geopark!

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FLND GRVL and Nordic Gravel Series

Gravel cycling is booming internationally, and the number of cyclists is on a rapid incline. This is expedited by global trends, from sustainability thinking to wellbeing development and the promotion of urban cycling.

It’s as if Salpauselkä Unesco Global Geopark was made for gravel cycling. Did you know that practically the entire Geopark is made of gravel?

This has also been noted by F1 star Valtteri Bottas, who is often seen in his hometown on gravel and sand roads – not behind the wheel of a car but on a bicycle. Together with a team from the U.S., he launched the FLND GRVL event in June 2023 in Lahti.

Falling Leaves Lahti is the largest event of the Nordic Gravel Series, and it’s been growing strongly. For several years now, it has gathered together the Nordic gravel scene in Lahti to enjoy stunning gravel experiences and a sense of community.

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Green Lahti

Lahti is the leading environmental city in Finland and a pioneer in climate work: we have already stopped using coal and will become a carbon-neutral city by 2025—the first large city in Finland. In 2021, Lahti was the European Green Capital, which cemented its status as an international pioneer in environmental matters.