The Salpausselkä, a landscape created by water is part of the Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark and offers diverse terrain suitable for various sports enthusiasts, including skiing, walking, running, and cycling. Salpausselkä area has a large trail network. There are about 30 kilometres of way marked trails. The trails offer a low-threshold opportunity to exercise in a natural forest environment.

Skiing Opportunities:
The area often boasts well-maintained ski trails, catering to both classic and skate skiing. Favorable snow conditions and diligent trail upkeep contribute to an enjoyable skiing experience.

Jogging Tracks:
Salpausselkä features versatile jogging tracks suitable for both leisurely walks and vigorous runs. The changing landscapes offer a refreshing backdrop for outdoor activities.

Cycling Paths:
The region provides a mix of mountain biking trails and smoother routes for gravel and road cycling. Riding through the diverse Salpausselkä environment enhances the enjoyment of cycling enthusiasts.

Nature Proximity:
Surrounded by nature, Salpausselkä offers a serene and beautiful setting for physical activities. The proximity to nature provides a pleasant contrast for those accustomed to urban environments.