Heinolan Heila, the marketplace and café-restaurant of small-scale producers, is a culinary oasis for food enthusiasts along Highway 4 in Heinola.

Over 250 small-scale producers supply the food market with Finnish jams, preserves, cheeses, juice, vegetables, bakery products, honey, handicrafts, gifts, and much more.

Heila’s service counter sells high-quality beef, guaranteed for freshness, seasonal fish products, and takeaway meals. We know each one of our producers, so you can discover the precise origin of the food. Local small-scale producers, artisans, and other craft makers keep the Heila shop well-stocked with personal and beautiful gifts and items for home decor.

All of our products are made in Finland, and our diverse range includes natural beauty products, sauna products, kitchen utensils, small furniture, sweets, Finnish handicrafts, and much more.

In Heila, there is also a spacious and cozy café-restaurant, where travelers and other passersby can take a break with a fresh cup of Kahiwa coffee, delicious treats from Heila’s bakery, and the authentic flavors of the local food restaurant. Heila’s lunch menu changes weekly, and in addition, we offer seasonal recommended dishes.

Heinola’s Heila, with its terrace and playhouses, is a family-friendly stopping and resting place.