The Olavi Lanu sculpture park is located within Kariniemi park, in the midst of nature. As the artist had planned, his works blend into the scenery. This is so especially in summertime, when the lush greenery of the trees and shrubs covers the sculptures. In winter, the snow-covered sculptures blend into and become part of the surrounding landscape.
Lanu’s themes are his pairs of humanoid figures embracing or kissing, or natural forms such as rocks, willows, and twisted trees. The sculptures have gradually developed a coat of moss, which despite their great size makes them blend in very well with their surroundings.
The works have been placed in the forest as natural elements, making them parts of nature than one can simply come across in wandering through the forest. The grey colour and soft and simplified forms of the sculptures help them to merge with their surroundings. Some have become covered with moss, which was indeed the artist’s intention. The sculptures of Kariniemi forest grove are a popular attraction due to their positivity, inspired details, and warm humour and sensitivity.
Tip! Take the scenic stairs up to the sculpture park, starting near Lahti letters in the harbour.