The canoeing route from Hartola to Sysmä passes through a cultural heritage landscape and offers an unforgettable adventure in the calmly flowing river with sounds of aquatic birds in the background. The route is suitable even for beginners. Most of the rapids are easily passable, and the most difficult sections can be skipped by walking along the shore. The route makes for a good weekend trip, and it can be accessed from spring until late autumn.
Canoes are available for rent in Hartola. The Kuninkaanpolku trail goes close to the river at the start of the route, and the Itä-Häme Museum by the suspended bridge is also worth visiting.
Apart from the official starting point Koskenniska, the route can be started in Koskenniemi, Keijulankoski, Kirveskoski, or Krouvi Camping,for example. The total length of the route is 43 km.