Located in Vintturi, Sysmä, Kammiovuori Hill is the highest point in East Häme, and from its peak opens up a magnificent view far out over the area’s forests and lakes. Along the route, which winds through a hilly and atmospheric forest landscape, the sites to be seen include the seven metre high “Sysmä Linta” boulder and Hiskias Cave, which according to tradition was home to a hermit who lived on Kammiovuori Hill at the beginning of the 20th-century. Along the route there are also information boards which introduce the area’s diverse nature. Kammiovuori is also a part of Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark and is also a valuable rocky outcrop area. Finland´s ancient solid bedrock is intersected by cracks and fractures. One such location is in the western edge of the Kammiovuori Hill.
About 2 billion years ago the area which is now Southern Finland rose as a result of a collision between the tectonic plates to form the Alps-like Svekofennic mountain range. Granoduiorite and other rock types formed deep under the ground then rose towards the surface. Over millions of years even the higher mountains were worn the forces of nature. The cliffs in our area, like Kammiovuori, are remnants of the lower parts of this ancient mountain range.
Despite the challenging landscape, Kammiovuori Hill is also a popular hiking destination for families. In Autumn 2017, steps were constructed along the steepest parts of the route, and pleasant locations for stopping to eat include the table located at the viewpoint or the shelter constructed close to the return route.
Magnificent views to enjoy,