Welcome to visit the animals of Kilkkilä Farm and spend an adventurous day at our farm.

In our Domestic Farm we have different breeds of chicken, peacocks with seven different color, guinea fouls, turkeys, alpacas, reindeers, and donkeys. At the Kilkkilä Farm You can also find horses, sheep, bunnies, cattle of Eastern Finland and ostriches.

For children: bouncy castle, playground, carousel, pedal tractors, and swings.

We have gas grills, where customers can cook their own lunch. From the Grill & Café You can buy burgers made of meat from our own farm, sausages, beef steak and ostrich steak. You can enjoy a cup of specialty coffee, lemonade, ice cream and delicious pastry.

From the Farm Shop You can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, dusters made of ostrich feathers, beef and ostrich meat and sausages made from the farm’s own meat