Keep on climbing! A reward awaits you at the top

Climb up stairs or a steep rocky hill! Achieving that goal will surely be rewarding in many ways. You will get in a better shape, you will be refreshed by the unspoiled natural environment and, in addition to that, stunning scenery awaits you at the top. Here is a list of five places to climb: give it a go!

1. Aurinkovuori hill in Asikkala

Located along the Aurinko-Ilves hiking trail, you can see far in the directions of Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi from the top of Aurinkovuori hill. Rising towards the sky between the two lakes, Aurinkovuori is a ridge with its highest peak 70–80 metres above the levels of Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi. A challenging climb up stairs, 239 steps, leads to the top of the hill. You can also hike up a well-lit hiking trail if you want to avoid taking the steep stairs. At the top of the hill, you will find a viewing platform, a lean-to and a designated spot for a campfire, with chopped firewood provided.

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2. Kapatuosia hill fort in Hollola

The Kapatuosia hill fort rises 56 metres above the level of Lake Vesijärvi and approximately 137 metres above sea level. Kapatuosia is located behind the medieval Hollola church. You can climb to the top of the hill along paths or take the stairs. There is also an observation tower at the top of the hill that is open in the summer. The name Kapatuosia derives from a period before the Middle Ages when the Vikings and, in the early Middle Ages, Sweden, Denmark and Novgorod tried to gain influence in the Baltic Sea and attempted to take over the territory that is now part of Finland. During the Iron Age, the people of Häme protected themselves against these attacks by building forts from timber and stones on high hills and rocks. In archaeology, these structures are known as hill forts.

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3. Kammiovuori hill in Sysmä

Kammiovuori, also known as the roof of Sysmä, is the second highest point in Southern Finland and a great destination for a day trip. There is a four-kilometre marked trail running across the area and a handsome lean-to with a designed campfire spot and natural sights along the way. These include the seven-metre high boulder Linta and Hiskia’s Cave, a cave-like space between large boulders that is said to have been the lodging of a hermit who once lived on Kammiovuori. The partly rocky and steep trail with tree roots and stumps has been classified as challenging.

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4. Hiidensaari island in Iitti

Hiidensaari island and Hiidenvuori hill located on Lake Pyhäjärvi in Iitti form a true national landscape. There are plenty of trails on Hiidensaari that make exploring the island easy. The island’s wooden stairs lead to the top of the 60-metre high Hiidenvuori hill, from where you can enjoy stunning scenery. There is also a marina on Hiidensaari, which makes the island destination ideal for sailors. Did you know that Hiidenvuori is among the traditional concert settings of Iitti Music Festival? Carrying the piano up the hill together is part of the concert – and when everything is in its place, let the music play. Quite a spectacular setting for an outdoor concert, don’t you think?

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5. Kullasvuori recreational area in Padasjoki

Next to the Padasjoki marina is the high top of Kullasvuori hill with a sturdy observation tower and the recreational area named after the hill. A fantastic view opens up from the observation tower to Päijänne national park and the surrounding landscape. The Päijänne-Ilves trail also starts from the Kullasvuori recreational area and leads all the way to Evo 13 kilometres away.

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