Experience three unique canals

The Kimola canal, opened in summer 2020, Vääksy and the surrounding lovely sights, restaurants and boutiques of Old Vääksy, and Kalkkinen village with its winery and berry farm are an excellent destination for a cruise and a fun day out.

The Kimola canal

Stretching a whopping 5.5 kilometres, the Kimola canal with its 12-metre high lock and unique canal tunnel is definitely worth experiencing. You can sail to the Kimola canal aboard m/s Pyhäjärvi from Heinola, for instance.

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Vuolenkoski village is only a stone’s throw away from Kimola

The charming Vuolenkoski village along the rapids of the Kymijoki river offers cute cafés and small boutiques. At the Vuolenkoski summer market, you can enjoy locally produced food and a cosy atmosphere every summer Saturday. Visit the new Rantamesta restaurant, buy some locally produced ingredients to take home with you from the Kilkkilä farm and select the best souvenirs from the Peurankello café and artisanal shop.

Vuolenkoski is located perfectly on your way, whether you are travelling by car or boat. You can reach Vuolenkoski from Vierumäki by car in a mere ten minutes and the Kimola canal from there in about five minutes. When boating, Vuolenkoski is a great spot for a break between Heinola and the Kimola canal.

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Spend the entire day at the Vääksy canal

A day trip tip: Aboard a ship from Lahti to Vääksy and back in the afternoon

The ships of Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden sailing the route Lahti–Heinola–Lahti stop also at the Vääksy canal. The ship sets off from Lahti in the morning and stops in Vääksy after 1.5 hours. You can hop back on the return ship in the afternoon. You will have approximately 6.5 hours to spend in Vääksy.
See the detailed schedules from Hilden’s website.

If you wish to stay in Vääksy for longer, you can easily take a local bus back to Lahti.

The Kalkkinen canal connects Lakes Päijänne and Ruotsalainen

Located in Asikkala, the Kalkkinen canal connects Lake Päijänne and the start of the Kymijoki river. Through the canal, you can access Lake Ruotsalainen and head towards the town of Heinola. You can reach the Kalkkinen canal on the Lahti–Heinola–Lahti route ship of Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden, for instance.

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Viini-Pihamaa winery in Kalkkinen

The pearl of Kalkkinen village is the Pihamaa farm and winery known for its farmers’ market and berry wines. If you are getting around by boat, you should moor at the Kalkkinen marina, a little way towards Heinola from the canal. A hill runs up from the marina to Kalkkinen village where you will also find Pihamaa.

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