Tasty street food with a modern twist

New alternatives have emerged alongside traditional Finnish street food, and the restaurants also serve Street Food-inspired snacks. Lahti region offers a wide range of delicious street food for the whole family. Finland’s best street food kitchen, Kusmiku, winner of the European Street Food Awards Finland, can be found in Heinola!

When talking about street food, it originally meant easy and fast food served on the streets which you could buy from food stalls. Here in Finland, hot dog kiosks and market stalls have represented traditional street food offerings, but as the street food trend has become fashionable, the termstreet food” has become more widely used. 

Here are a few tips for those who enjoy street food.  

#1 Kuja Street Food – A tribute to Lahti and street food

Kuja Street Bar, located in connection with Lahden Seurahuone, is a tribute to both Lahti and street food. The concept was developed by Ville Penttilä, Restaurant and Kitchen Manager at Lahden Seurahuone. Kuja’s world of flavours has received nuances from around the world, and the goal is to offer accessible, modern and at the same time interesting street food. Together with Kanava Panimo, Kuja’s street food has been designed with its own beer, which is simply called Bisse. Restaurant Kuja’s location and interior is as rough as Lahti itself. The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant invites you to stay longer. 

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Step into Kuja

#2 The meat mug -A classic from Lahti

The meat mug is a classic and legend from Lahti, whose origins date back to somewhere in the late 80s. Jonen Grilli, still located on Vapaudenkatu, started serving kebab meat and salad in portions at the request of customers, and so a dish built into a disposable cup was born, which has simply held its own for decades and is even the subject of eating competitions. Nowadays, meat mugs are available at almost all kebab places and grill kiosks in Lahti, and occasionally also a little more finely tuned from the menus of different restaurants. This is a must for street food in Lahti!

To Jonen Grilli

#3 Bus Burger

Bus Burger is an authentic American Diner in Lahti and Hollola. The restaurant prepares the steaks and sauces from scratch. Fresh ingredients and generous portion sizes are the cornerstones of this canteen and we can promise that you won’t be hungry after these portions!  The restaurant also prepares its own American ice creams, which can be tasted from the ice cream bus and dessert menu. There are two Bus Burger restaurants – Savontie in Lahti and Salpakangas in Hollola on Erämiehentie. These restaurants are an attraction by themselves.

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Bus Burger

#4 Pincho Nation

The newest addition to the laid-back street food restaurant scene in Lahti is the Swedish restaurant chain Pincho Nation, which offers small dishes from all over the world. The menu is a lovely mix of burgers, dumplings and paella, as well as mouth-watering desserts and colorful cocktails. The idea is that there is something for everyone on the list. The décor of the restaurants is really rich and colorful, as if you had entered the circus world. In accordance with the restaurant’s concept, customers themselves make table reservations, orders and pay their invoices in the electronic application.

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Get to know Pincho Nation

#5 Cooking pie – Karelian heritage

At one time, large numbers of Karelian evacuees arrived in Lahti, and Karelian food culture can also be seen, for example, in the street food selection at the market. Helena’s Home Bakery is one of the best-known sellers of cooking pies at the market. A thin crescent-shaped pie filled with meat or cabbage needs nothing else. The doughnuts in the home bakery also make your mouth water from the mere thought.

To the pie shop

#6 Bubble waffles for those hungry for sweet

Bubble waffles, which have become a trend, charm children and adults alike. The Lahti Waffle Café is located in the Karisma shopping centre and serves fragrant and delicious bubble waffles or Belgian waffles handmade with the original recipe, either with pre-designed fillings or delicacies of your choice. Gluten-free and dairy-free bubble waffles are also available.  A word of warning – this is not for a little hunger for delicacies!

To Lahti Waffle Cafe

#7 Sulami giant toast tames even a bigger hunger

Teerenpeli-company from Lahti has been serving tasty giant toasts named as Sulami in their restaurants for several years. In addition, all Teerenpeli restaurants offer an extensive TeerenDeli menu, where you can find delicious snacks and snacks for bigger or smaller hunger at any time of the day.

To Teerendeli

#8 Kusmiku Food Truck

Kusmiku from Heinola is the best street food kitchen in Finland 2022! The Finnish qualifier for the European Street Food Awards competition was held in Lahti on the shore of Sibelius Hall in September 2022, and Kusmiku’s Karelian flatbread dish charmed the jury. Karelian flatbread was created by choosing a traditional Finnish dish, Karelian roast, and turning it into street food mode, says Miku Leppälä, restaurant entrepreneur at Kusmiku.

Kusmiku’s Food Truck can often be found at various events or in the summer in the courtyard of the Apulandia kAhvila Museum in Hennala, Lahti. The Food Truck can also be ordered instead of traditional catering to take care of food service for different occasions.

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