Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Ltd.

According to the financier agreement effective as at 1 January 2019, the primary task of the company Lahti Region Ltd (Visit Lahti) is to enhance the region’s attractiveness for tourism, increase tourist flows and thereby increase the region’s income from tourism as well as tax revenues. The main functional entities within the company are: tourism marketing, tourism image building, sales and brokerage of tourism services, acquisition of new events jointly with municipalities as well as tourism development in keeping with the strategy and decisions specified by the company’s Board of Directors.

The business concept of the company is based on the Lahti Region’s competitiveness strategy as well as the regional tourism strategy.

Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Oy has been awarded the Ecocompass environmental certificate

Lahti Region Ltd. has built an EcoCompass environmental management system, which is our tool in developing our operations. Our environmental programme includes concrete actions from sorting our waste at the office to committing partners and making communicating environmental matters even more efficient. Our organisation has been awarded the EcoCompass certificate, which indicates that our operations meet the 10 EcoCompass criteria. Our environmental management system is audited every three years.

Contact information

Lahden Messukeskus ilmakuva Lahti Fair Centre panorama

Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Ltd.

Salpausselänkatu 7, 15110 Lahti +358 (0)207 281 760
Palvelutori Lahti-Piste matkailuneuvonta tourist information

Tourist Information

Lahti-Piste, Shopping Centre Trio, 2nd floor +358 (0)207 281 760
Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti. Open Mon 8-17, Tue-Fri 8-16, Sat-Sun closed


Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Ltd. VAT FI10743502 eInvoice address: 003710743502 Operator ID: 003723327487 (or 00372332748700001) EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) code: 003710743502 Operator: Apix

Administration and finance

Raija Forsman

Raija Forsman

CEO +358 (0)40 516 2803
Administration, stakeholder communication and cooperation. Financing.
Susanna Yildirim

Susanna Yildirim

Controller +358 (0)400 901 744
Accounting and project management.

Marketing communications, domestic

Kirsti Simola

Kirsti Simola

Marketing Manager +358 (0)40 865 6890
Marketing and communications. Digital and traditional channels.
Mirka Syvänen

Mirka Syvänen

Specialist, Production & Online Sales +358 (0)40 142 8444
VisitLahti Online Shop. Marketing content production.
Suvi Aaltonen

Suvi Aaltonen

Specialist, Production & Online Sales +358 (0)40 139 0690
Special themes. Production of VisitLahti Online Shop and information systems.

Partnerships, customer relationships and sales

Anne-Mari Sipponen

Anne-Mari Sipponen

Specialist, Sales +358 (0)40 357 6918
Meeting, event and group clients. Group sales systems.
Johanna Karhu

Johanna Karhu

Specialist, Sales +358 (0)400 813 903
Meeting, event and group clients. Salpausselkä Geopark contact person and content production.

International markets

Tiina Kallio

Tiina Kallio

Head of Destination Marketing +358 (0)40 159 6448
Lakeland Finland Visit Lahti brand marketing and digital channel content strategy.
Arto Asikainen

Arto Asikainen

Head of Production and Sales | Russia & China +358 (0)40 579 4387
International marketing and sales promotion. Market area Russia and China. Visit Finland contact person.
Anu Huusko

Anu Huusko

Head of Production and Sales | Germany, UK, Japan, USA 044 753 3590
Kansainvälinen markkinointi- ja myynninedistäminen. Markkina-alue Keski-Eurooppa, UK, USA ja Japani.

Salpausselkä Geopark Unit

Kati Komulainen

Kati Komulainen

Executive Manager +358 (0)40 579 9247
Vilma-Lotta Tallgren

Vilma-Lotta Tallgren

Geoscientist +358 (0)40 757 8351

Sport Event Finland

Jani Backman

Jani Backman

Project Manager +358 (0)40 522 4346

According to the price list on 1 January 2020, the call costs to
Lahti Region Ltd’s Telia Cid business numbers with the 0207 prefix are as follows:
Landline 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (VAT 24%)
Mobile phone 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (VAT 24%)
Calls from abroad; relevant international call charge

Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Ltd

Owner municipalities, shares of ownership and the area of operation as of 2021:

Lahti 53 %
Hollola 12 %
Heinola 10 %
Orimattila 8 %
Asikkala 4 %
Iiitti 4 %
Kärkölä 3 %
Padasjoki 2 %
Hartola 2 %
Sysmä 2 %

Turnover in 2020 EUR 1,89 million

Staff Lahti Region Ltd’s average number of employees in 2020 was 14.

Board of directors 2021-2022

Peter Gabrielsson (Chairman of the board of directors)
CEO of the Vierumäki Companies
Strong strategic developer for regional tourism. A high-quality and wide international network in the airline and hospitality industries, including Restel, Finnair Plc, Qatar Airways and the Vierumäki Companies.

Olli Vormisto (Vice Chairman of the board of directors)
CEO of SOK Hämeenmaa
A long-standing expert in retail and services. Kauppaneuvos (Finnish honorary title). Has worked for the S Group in the service of several different co-operatives and in different management positions. Local board memberships in the Häme Chamber of Commerce and Lahden Teollisuusseura.

Aki Keskitalo
CEO of Folks Hotels Ltd
Professional in the hospitality and event industry. Previously the Head of Meeting & Events at Hotel Kämp and the Master of Mukkula Manor.

Päivi Koskela
CEO of Linnanrauha Ltd
Expert in tourism, locally produced food, wellness services. Also operating in innovative hospitality and rural tourism.

Tero Kuorikoski
Director of the Pajulahti Olympic & Paralympic Training Center
Doctor of Philosophy who has previously acted as the Secretary General of the Finnish Paralympic Committee. Kuorikoski also has experience working at Pajulahti and for its partners.

Riikka-Maria Lemminki
CEO of Marketing Finland
Expert in international marketing and sales and founder of Ranskalainen Kyläkauppa and Ranskalainen Kauppa.

Kirsi Mikkola
Entrepreneur, Sähköinen Liiketoiminta Suomi Oy
Nationally distinguished expert in the digital tourism business.

Jukka Suominen
Professional board member
Previously a long-standing Chairman of the Board of Directors in Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö (Eckerö Line, etc.), Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Huhtamäki Oyj as well as the former Chief Executive Officer of Silja Line Group, a member of the boards of Fiskars Oyj Abp and the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland.