Mountain biking

Some of the best mountain biking trails in Southern Finland can be found at Salpausselkä in Lahti and in the nearby Tiirismaa area in Hollola. The official trail network at both locations is growing, and is supplemented by further trails at Vierumäki, Aurinkovuori in Vääksy and in Evo Hiking Area!

3 locations | 3 days of riding in the Lahti Region

Each of the following three mountain biking locations offers varied riding for a full day. Choose between a day of exploring and a whole weekend of spending it!

#1 Lahti – Hollola

Both Salpausselkä and Tiirismaa Trails offer great versatile terrain and if needed, even some speedy riding – there is more than enough for a day.

Salpausselkä Trails are relatively easy to ride, meanwhile Tiirismaa Trails also offer advanced terrain for an experienced mountain biker.

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#2 Asikkala-Padasjoki

The trails in the Asikkala – Padasjoki area are located adjacent to the National Hiking Area of Evo which can be reached via connecting trails from each location. Combining the official trails with trails available based on the freedom to roam, or “everyman’s right”, there are several hundred kilometres of trails to ride.

The terrain at Aurinkovuori in Asikkala also avails itself to downhill and enduro riding. The Aurinkovuori Trail Centre has recently opened and offers four different trails from very easy to very challenging.

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#3 Vierumäki

At Vierumäki, the Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark presents itself as comfortably rolling terrain with pine forests and sparkling lakes. This combination offers great mountain biking experiences. In addition to the trails presented below, there is plenty more to ride in the area based on everyman’s right to roam!

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Plenty to ride

In addition to the official routes, great trails and terrain for many kinds of adventures can be found in Lahti-Hollola, Asikkala-Padasjoki and Vierumäki to spend several days! Escape the daily routine and come explore the great outdoors in the Lahti Region.

Mountain biking trails on a map