Brewery route in the Lahti region

The clean groundwater filtered by the thick layers of gravel and sand produces Finland’s best tap water and raw material for breweries and food production. Taste award-winning beers, wines and whiskeys and try out flavor combinations that you might not have thought existed.

Welcome to get to know the breweries and distilleries of the Lahti region!

N.B! Most of the products presented on the route are rated 18+ but some producers also produce soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

#1 Lahti, from Teerenpeli via Hartwall to Ant Brew

Teerenpeli Brewery, Distillery and Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery Visitor Centre

Local clean groundwater filtered by Salpausselkä ridge and local grain serve as raw materials for the award-winning drinks. Teerenpeli restaurants enjoy products from their own brewery and distillery, and they are also utilised in the restaurant’s food products.

Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery Visitor Centre is located in Lotila in Lahti. In the visitor centre, you can learn about the brewery’s and distillery’s production and products on guided tours and tasting events. Private tours can be booked, for example, for bachelorette parties and work groups. Private tours can be inquired by e-mail

Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery Liimaajankatu 5, Lahti
Restaurant Taivaanranta and distillery showroom Rautatienkatu 13, Lahti
Wine Café Olavi, Aleksanterinkatu 10, Lahti
Teerenpeli Lahti, Vapaudenkatu 20, Lahti

Teerenpeli restaurants

Hartwall brewery shop

In Hartwall’s brewery shop you will find Hartwall’s own beverage products and a wide range of merchandise. Brewery tours are also organized.

Kasaajankatu 13, Lahti

Get to know Hartwall

Ant Brew in Lahti's city centre

Ant Brew continues the legacy of a fine Lahti brewery on a historic property that is more than 100 years old. The unique Ant Brew pub in the Malski Cultural Centre specialises not only in its own production but also in the specialities of other microbreweries.

Tasting and brewery tours are also available.

Mallaskatu 1, Lahti

Get to know Ant Brew

#2 Ainoa winery – winery in Miekkiö, Hollola

Ainoa Winery makes internationally recognized, award-winning wines from Finnish berries and other high-quality ingredients from the forest.

David and Paola Cohen’s Ainoa Winery is located in Hollola, just ten kilometers from the centre of Lahti.

Rekolanpolku 65, Hollola

Get to know Ainoa Winery

Stay overnight

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And the journey continues

After a pleasant night’s sleep and a tasty breakfast, you are ready to continue your route towards new taste sensations. Kanavan Panimo brewery is a gem of microbreweries right next to the famous Vääksy Canal. Panimokauppa Hilpeä store in Heinola offers tasty berry wines and ciders from Pihamaa to complement the takeaway bag.

#3 From Vääksy canal to Heinola

Kanavan Panimo brewery in Päijännetalo in Vääksy

Kanavan Panimo is a craft beer brewery next to the Vääksy canal. In addition to beers, you can also buy products from other small producers in the area in the Päijännetalo local product shop. Learn more about the brewery and its products on guided tours.

Meijeritie 1, Vääksy

Get to know the story of Kanavan Panimo

Brewery shop Hilpeä in Heinola

In the brewery shop Hilpeä, Heinola’s local food market Heila, you will find for example Viini-Pihamaa’s tasty berry wines, beers, ciders, sahti and soft drinks with genuine flavours. You can also find products from other microbreweries around Finland.
Open all year round.
Työmiehentie 35, Heinola

During the summer, the Pihamaa farm shop in Kalkkinen is also open.
Siltatie 12, Kalkkinen

Get to know Heila in Heinola

Sahti beer, sahti beer

Farm brewery Hollolan Hirvi cherishes sahti culture. Häme has a strong sahti tradition and there are also specialities in the Lahti region, such as Hollolan Hirven kivisahti. Sahti always tastes the handiwork of its maker. You can order Hollolan Hirven sahti and beers online – order pick-up on site.
Aikkalantie 37, Hollola

Krouvin sahti’s rich, reddish-brown and cloudy sahti is made in Krouvi’s own brewery, cherishing and respecting handicraft traditions. Enjoy the soft taste of sahti and stay overnight. Sahti is available at Sahti Krouvi’s bar in connection with the Krouvin lava and at selected sales points to a limited extent. Check opening hours and availability on the website. Krouvin Sahti is also available in bottles from restaurants in the Hartola and Sysmä regions.
Kalhontie 459, Hartola

Water is a shared treasure of Päijät-Häme

In Lahti region, water and soil form a unique, internationally significant entity. The Salpausselkä ridges left behind by the last ice age conceal nationally significant groundwater resources. Clean groundwater filtered by thick layers of gravel and sand provides Finland’s best tap water and raw material for food production.

Water is our treasure