Autumn colours and nature preparing for winter invite exploration

You still have time to hit the nature trails before the skiing season starts. Autumn colours, duckboards on a swamp and fresh forest nature before the first snows are the best the end of the year has to offer. Check out our tips for autumn trips.

1. Järvien kierros trail in Hollola

The lake trail in Hollola circles around three lakes – all named Tiilijärvi. Stretching 7.5 kilometres, this varied trail consists of roads, forest paths and duckboards. The clear lakes reflect the beauty of nature in the autumn. If you wish to set out with children, you can choose the shorter route that only circles around Lakes Vähä-Tiilijärvi and Keski-Tiilijärvi. If you embark on the entire route and decide to climb up Tiirismaa hill, you will have plenty of challenges ahead of you.

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2. Lapakisto in Lahti

Lapakisto nature reserve can be found tucked between the City of Lahti and Sports Institute Pajulahti. You can easily access the area by parking your car in Pajulahti and hiking towards the Seelammi lean-to, for instance. The area has five different paths marked with different colours. A favourite trail in late autumn and early winter is the Pitkäjärvenpolku path marked with blue signs. The path climbs high up to a viewing platform from where nature-lovers have the chance of enjoying surprising ice art: giant animal figures created with a shovel on the snowy frozen surface of Lake Pitkäjärvi by Lahti nature enthusiast Pasi Widgren are a source of joy for all Lapakisto visitors. You can access Pitkäjärvenpolku path conveniently when you park on the eastern side of the area. Add the address Ristikankaantie 210, Lahti, to your navigator.

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3. Lemmenharju in Vierumäki

The 3.9-kilometre Lemmenharju nature trail is among the most impressive destinations in Salpausselkä Geopark. The path starts from the Valkjärvi sauna and runs along the pointy ridges on the shores of small, clear lakes and crosses over them. One of the most instagrammable sections of the trail is a narrow ridge path with a clearwater lake on each side of the trail. You wouldn’t believe you are right next to the Vierumäki travel hub – the nature here is so incredibly peaceful!

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4. Kuninkaanpolku trail and the accessible Ekonpolku nature trail in Hartola

The Kuninkaanpolku trail is a mix of the diversity of nature and culture. See trout swimming in the clear water of the rapids from the Ekonkoski arch bridge, let your senses relax on the path crossing a swamp forest and cross the gently swaying suspension bridge towards the fabulous milieu of the Itä-Häme Museum and get to know the region’s history. You can start on the Kuninkaanpolku trail in Hartola either at Linnahotelli Hotel or the Itä-Häme Museum. When setting off from Linnahotelli, the trail travels along the Ekonpolku trail for a while. Ekonpolku is completely accessible. In addition, several accessible spots for rapids fishing have been built along Ekonkoski, which is rare in Finland.

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5. Häränsilmä pond in Lahti Sports Centre

There is a surprise waiting for you at Lahti Sports Centre, behind the ski jumps. The Häränsilmä kettle hole pond, formed by the Ice Age, is a magical environment right in the middle of the recreational area and loved by Lahti’s residents. Did you know that kettle holes were created when massive blocks of ice were buried inside layers of soil and then later melted? The kettle hole grew into a pond when impermeable material ended up at the bottom of the hole.

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