Retail therapy from outlets to boutiques

The many small boutiques and shopping centres with wide selections of goods truly make Lahti an exellent place to shop. There are a variety of small boutiques and shops around the market square selling local design products.


Petit St Louis

Boutiques and lifestyle stores

Style your home and yourself with local cool brands.



Luhta Tower outlet, Heinola outlet village and the other outlets are worth the visit.


Shopping centres

Trio, Karisma, Valo and many others. Shop till you drop!


Locally produced goodies

The region indulges those with a sweet tooth with a variety of delicious flavours. The local bakeries, farmers’ markets, farms, mills that grind fresh flour and breweries all produce clean and fresh ingredients.


Handicrafts and design

The city’s design know-how and tradition is in interior design products. Shops like Ulpukka and Pro Puu, located in Lahti Passenger Harbour, specialise in Lahti design.



Lahti reflector

Lahti reflector by Marianne Valola

These popular reflectors you'll find for example at Lahti Museum Shops and at Ulpukka Handicraft shop at the Passenger Harbour.

Pro Puu

Finnish design at Pro Puu

Pro Puu offers a fine selection of items which represent modern Finnish wood design. Innovation, quality and ethical issues have been the main criteria in the selection of the items.

Lahti museum shops

Lahti Museum Shops

The museum shops at Ski Museum, Historical Museum, Art Museum and Radio and TV Museum offer a good selection of Lahti souvenirs.