Jannen Kalastus ja Kayakki offers kayak, canoe, SUP board rentals and transport services in the Lahti, Vääksy and Padasjoki areas. Paddle to Päijänne National Park and spend the night on one of its largest islands, Kelvenne, or take a kayaking day trip and enjoy outdoor barbecue at the nearby Pernasaari.

We offer a selection of SUP boards, kayaks, canoes and additional services. Our friendly staff is glad to assist you. Our shop in Vääksy is located right by the water only 200 metres from the beach.

For larger groups, please contact us in advance to ensure that there is enough equipment available. It’s best to book 3–40 days in advance so that we can make sure that to get you exactly the equipment you want.

Paddling is one of the most memorable and wonderful ways to spend a summer day and offers a great chance to admire the beautiful Finnish nature! Gather your friends and family and embark on a trip of the waterways of Asikkala. Make a day trip kayaking around Salonsaari Island or take a paddle in Päijänne National Park and Kelvenne island and enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape. Taking due care of safety, you can also paddle across the Vääksy canal to Lake Vesijärvi, which is 3 metres higher than Vesijärvi.

The nearby Pernasaari island is located 2.5 kilometres from the beach and it features a designated municipal area for recreational use. Close to this is also offered a beautiful and shorter river route.