Pohjolan Manor is located in Hartola, in the village of Pohjola, along Highway 4 amidst the picturesque fields of Eastern Häme.

The old tenant house of Pohjolan Kartano hosts a café and a farm shop. In the shop, you can purchase the estate’s own beef from special cattle breeds and other local products. At the café, you can enjoy fresh coffee and refreshing drinks, as well as savory and sweet seasonal treats. Our selection naturally varies with the seasons.

Pohjolan Kartano is a traditional farm established in 1779. Today, it is managed by the current family, who are engaged in beef cattle production and crop farming, now in their fourth generation.

Welcome to pick up fresh local delicacies for your trip to the summer cottage or as country gifts for the city!

You can conveniently stop by while passing through or take a moment to enjoy the genuine manor atmosphere.