Spring for foodies

Finnish spring usually lasts from March to May and is characterized by warming temperatures and increasing sunshine. This is the season for all kinds of vegetables and fish dishes – not to forget Easter treats.

When the temperature and amount of light increase, Finns tend to make their food more colourful again. For example, when asparagus is in season, many restaurants in Lahti have special asparagus weeks honouring the ingredient. Moreover, as the waters begin to melt, the fishing season truly kicks off and is visible on the plate during spring.

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Don’t forget to try these in springtime!



Munkki or donut is a deep-fried sweet pastry made from bun dough or cake dough. The most common forms of donuts are a ball with jam or other sweet filling inside, and a ring, traditionally made by wrapping the dough around a stick.

Sima (mead)

Sima is a traditional Finnish sweet, sparkling drink that is typically consumed during the Vappu or May Day celebrations. It is a type of mead, a fermented beverage made from water, sugar, and yeast, and is flavored with lemon and raisings.

Mämmi (Finnish Easter pudding)

Mämmi is a traditional Finnish dessert that is typically eaten around Easter time. It is a dark brown, sweet pudding-like dish that is made from rye flour, malted rye, and water. It is typically served cold, topped with cream or milk, and sometimes sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon.


In Finland, April marks the beginning of spring and the arrival of Easter, which is an important holiday in the country. There are several traditional foods that are enjoyed during the Easter season in Finland, including gravlax, Mämmi (Finnish Easter pudding), pasha and lamb dishes. Enjoy Easter menu’s in different restaurants. Try restaurant Taivaanranta or restaurant Malskin Bistro.


May Day, or “Vappu” in Finnish, is a festive holiday celebrated on May 1st in Finland. It is a time of great celebration and social gatherings. Traditional May Day foods in Finland include funnel cakes, sugar doughnuts and mead.

The second Sunday of May, is a Mother’s Day. You can pleasantly surprise your mother by taking her to a local cafe to enjoy some treats. Try, for example, Café Harjupaviljonki, where they serve charming waffles that will take your breath away.