Events in Lahti region

From sports events to festivals – Lahti region knows how to make an event to remember. In addition to the many sports events, the city’s calendar is filled with events around music and cityfestivals. Choose your favourites!



Events at Ace Corner Finland and Motorcycle Museum

The museum hosts various events every week. Brand meetings, cruising events, music, Jamb-O-Rees, etc.

Hollo ja Martta

Hollo ja Martta Folklore Festival 27 Oct - 3 Nov

An international folk dance and music festival in Hollola and the Lahti Region. Visiting groups from e.g. Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico and Russian Udmurtia.

Kätevä & Tekevä

Kätevä & Tekevä Hobby Fair 2-3 Nov

Arts, crafts and the joy of creation at Lahti Sports and Trade Fair Centre. Kätevä & Tekevä will bring together craftspeople and hobbyists under the same roof.