Sports and outdoor

Outdoor wonderland

Lahti region is truly a wonderland for the great outdoors. You can enjoy the most beautiful lake scenery in Southern Finland. The area has many national parks and nature tracks, endless lakes and versatile fitness tracks. These are easy to reach – on a guided tour or at your own pace. Ski on the Salpausselkä ridges, challenge yourself on FIS Nordic World Ski Championships tracks and routes, enjoy a hike or paddle on the clear waters of Päijänne.

Skiing opportunities- 170 km of tracks

Cross-country skiing is right on trend! The Lahti region provides excellent facilities for skiing. You can hop on the ski tracks that almost start right in the city centre. There are almost 170 km of illuminated and unlit ski tracks in diverse terrain across the region, 145 km of which are part of the Salpausselkä ski track network. Cross-country ski instruction and equipment rentals in the Lahti region are provided by SkiMac rental at Messilä Ski Centre in Hollola, and Pajulahti Sports Centre in Nastola.


Fly a powerkite on

Come to learn snowkite with a kite, used like a sail in a the air, speedy movements will be done with skis or snowboards. With a powerkite you can easy learn needed skills to use bigger depower snowkites.


Hiking and trekking

The Lahti region is a true wonderland for outdoor sports, where you can freshen up, while enjoying the most beautiful lake scenery in southern Finland.


Ski Centres - Messilä and Purnu

Snowboarders and downhill skiers can challenge themselves on the slopes and hills of Messilä, situated in the municipality of Hollola. Messilä is one of the most popular ski centres in southern Finland, totally 10 slopes including street for snowboarders. Purnu Ski Centre in Hartola has five slopes, the longest is 750 m long and 100 m high.


Cycling around the province

There are a total of 338 km of biking trails. And if you happen to become tired of Lahti’s scenery, you can reach the region cycling along the excellent biking trails.


Dip in icy water

Believe it or not, swimming in a hole in the ice really does you the world of good. You can do it in Lahti region on almost everywhere where there is a lake.


Training or leisure - Pajulahti Sport Institute

Serious training, sporty holidays and recreational leisure activities. There are various options to spend active, relaxing and sporty holidays in Pajulahti for people at all ages to enjoy. Pajulahti National Olympic Training Center is also home for many sports and many national teams