Outdoor Center Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Canoe Rental

Vierumäki Stand-up paddleboarding experiences start by Lake Valkjärvi which provides a spectacular setting for the sport. Did you know that Lake Valkjärvi is a kettle hole that was formed by a gigantic block of ice age ice that melted on the spot?
The unique body of water delights visitors from geographers to individuals on holiday looking for clear waters. In addition to its geological value, Lake Valkjärvi is a natural treasure that glimmers in shades of emerald green in the summer. Its clear water comes from numerous underwater springs.

From Lake Valkjärvi you can continue the adventure to Lake Suurijärvi by crossing a narrow isthmus.

SUP boards and canoes can be rented from the Outdoor Center within its opening hours or by Lake Valkjärvi during June and July.