Local Cuisine

Food is important part of experience

Local cuisine is famed for its fish, game, berries and mushrooms. Lahti Region boasts with local bakeries,farmers’ markets and breweries in the area. One of the key components to our excellent produce is the fresh and clean water from natural springs. It is no wonder that The Restaurant ROUX in City Hall Park has been nominated and awarded with a title “Restaurant of the Year 2016”. 

Whether you prefer fine dining or more relaxed cuisine - Lahti has it all. Search for options here.

Bistro Popot

Lunch, retro delights and trendy street food. The wine bar and a nice selection of beers and other beverages.


Restaurant Roux

Restaurant of the Year 2016 - Tasteful, old and stylish interior in old farmacy honouring the old guarantees a pleasant visit.


Vellamo Menu

The Vellamo Menu chefs use immaculate ingredients from the local fields, pastures, forests and waterways.