The Museum of Military Medicine is located in the former garrison area in Hennala, Lahti. The museum operates in one of the valuable red brick buildings of the barracks area, which was originally completed as a headquarters building for the Russian army in 1913.
In addition to medical care and veterinary medicine, the exhibition acquaints the visitor with the fates of the people of the Lahti region in the Winter War, the clean-up work of the Continuation War, as well as the recent searches for the fallen heroes at the battlefields of Karelia. The museum also contains exhibits about the history of the Hennala barracks area and events during the civil war in Lahti and the Hennala prison camp. The Lotta-Svärd organization has had its own section in the museum since 1983.

It is possible to get to know the museum with the help of a guided virtual tour, regardless of time and place:

The Military Medicine Museum is open in the summer from June to the beginning of September on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 16:00.