Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks in Lahti Region

Lahti Region offers hundreds of kilometres of ski tracks from family tracks to World Cup level.

In Asikkala there are ski tracks for both new beginners and experts. At Vesivehmaa Jenkkapirtti there are flat family tracks and at Aurinkovuori the track profile is more demanding.

Tracks available both at the golf course and Liikuntamaja.

There are avout 100 km of ski tracks in Hollola. Most of the tracks, like Messilä, Heinsuo and Tiirismaan, are connected to the Salpausselkä track networks and one can ski to Lahti Sports Centre.

The ski track starts from Mankala and goes all the way through the whole Iitti, via Kausala, around Lake Urajärvi to Lyöttilä.

The terrain of Salpausselkä ridge offers a great opportunity for skiing. The ski tracks are easily accessible all around the city and also from the city centre, via Lahti Sports Centre. The most demanding, World Cup level tracks are located around Lahti Sports Centre. The easier family tracks are located around Tapanila Ski Hut. You can check the updated ski track map here.

Lighted tracks for example at Jymylinna, Ämmäntöyrään hiihtokeskus ski centre and  Artjärvi Vuorenmäki.

There are several ski tracks starting from the Padasjoki church village for example to Kullasvuori