Venues and arenas - The city as a venue

Whether you’re looking for a picture-perfect manor house, a world-class music hall or high-capacity exhibition centre, you’ll find it here in Lahti. Through one contact person.

To name just one, the unique Sibelius Hall is one of the largest public wooden buildings built in Finland in the last 100 years. The modern wooden architecture is combined with the old industrial history in the most interesting way.

The Lahti Market Square is the heart of the city, making a naturally lively venue for outdoor activities like concerts and different shows on the top of the everyday café and terrace activities. Once again, within walking distance from the market square, you can reach the recently renovated and expanded premises at the Lahti Sports and Fair Centre. This indoor arena, which can host up to 10,000 people, is highly flexible and able to provide technical facilities that suit diverse uses, including trade fairs and exhibitions, concerts, conferences, corporate events, product launches and television productions.

The outdoor arenas at the Sports Centre play host to the annual Lahti Ski Games, which attract around 50,000 guests. Both the Sports Centre and the new Lahti Energy Event Park offer outdoor arenas with all the facilities needed for event organisers – from electricity to telecommunications. 



Lahti Sports and Fair Centre

Trade fairs, entertainment and sports events at facilities with excellent transport links to the nearby Lahti city centre, all surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape.


Sibelius Hall

Sibelius Hall is a versatile event venue. Conference rooms and venues change effectively according to your needs. Altogether, 16 different sized rooms and venues for 10-1100 persons. Most with lake view.


Villa Vellamo - Päijänne luxury for high-end

Villa Vellamo is a perfect venue for parties and business conferences. Resort Lehmonkärki by the Lake Päijänne offers top quolity all year round. 


Pajulahti Olympic Training Centre

Pajulahti, an outstanding sports and leisure oasis is the only Olympic and Paralympic training centre in Finland. Accommodation for up to 800 persons.   


The Sports Institute of Finland - Vierumäki

Vierumäki offers impressive capacity - 15 restaurants, 350 employees, 150 different sports, accommodation for more than 2,000 people. All this in a beautifull natural environment.


Isku Areena

Isku Areena is truly game changing arena with modifiable spaces up to 5,000 people. 


Mukkula Manor

Mukkula’s unique manor design hotel has 17 rooms, 3 meeting rooms, restaurant and lakeside sauna, more luxurious and spectacular than ever before, on the banks of Lake Vesijärvi. The manor will be open to groups by prior appointment.


Linna Hotel Resort

The Linna Hotel is a popular, peaceful venue for meetings and educational events. Combined with excellent exercise and recreational opportunities, its pleasant setting ensures successful events.




Lahti Sports Centre

The premises of the sports centre offer first-rate conditions for various types of recreational and competitive sport all year round. The area has hosted dozens of major sports events such as the World Championships in Nordic Skiing, as well as numerous other large events.


Lahti Harbour

The passenger harbour is located only 15 minutes by foot from the city centre. The harbour area houses restaurants, cafes, beer gardens and restaurant ships, the Pro Puu Centre, Ulpukka Handicraft Shop, and the Sibelius Hall, and you can easily board one of the regular cruises from the harbour.


Streets and parks

Public parks provide wonderful venue for fitness events, music festivals, art, culture and social get togethers for example. Most of them are located right in the heart of the city or just surroundings offering something for everyone.


Lahti Market Square

The Lahti Market Square is the heart of the city, making a naturally lively venue for outdoor activities like concerts and different shows on the top of the everyday café and terrace activities.

Lahti Energia tapahtumapuisto

Lahti Energy Event Park

Event Park is a venue where Lake Vesijärvi and Mukkula Manor provide fascinating surroundings for events. Outside events, the park serves as a public recreation area, and its beach is highly popular in the summer. Ideal for concerts, large cultural and entertainment events, festivals, sporting events. A capacity of 20.000 persons.