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The Finnish school system has been ranked as one of the best in the world. Well-being promotes learning – in the Finnish education system, everyone has the equal right to basic education free of charge in a safe and exciting studying environment. There are no rankings, no comparisons or competition between students, schools or regions. The new core curricula for pre-primary and basic education focus on learning, not steering.



There are 10,200 students in the 29 comprehensive schools in Lahti, including the Swedish-language school, English language classes, special education and the hospital school. There are over 1,000 teachers working in Lahti.

In partnership with the City of Lahti, we provide programs with different school visit topics for teachers, principals, educators, researchers and education officials to to get insights into Finnish education excellence.

Finnish education system

The Finnish education system is internationally acclaimed for its excellent learning results. The equal education system offers everyone opportunities for schooling and individual support.

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Themed visits:
Learning environments
Student welfare
Finnish libraries
Finnish school services
Environmental education
An award-winning science centre - LUMA Centre


Experience Finnish multi-purpose school building

Come to visit one of the multi-purpose school buildings in Lahti and experience this new kind of learning environment! These buildings offer various services such as day care centres, schools, libraries and gyms under the same roof. The multi-purpose buildings in Lahti are cosy, healthy and safe spaces for learning and working together.


Student welfare - Experience Finnish school canteen

Finland was the first country in the world to serve free school meals. Finnish school meal is provided free of charge for every child between 6-16 years.


Finnish libraries - Experience Lahti main library

Finnish libraries are nowadays much more than places where you can borrow books and read magazines and newspapers.


Get to know Finnish school services

Maintaining wellbeing among students is a prerequisite for learning. Education cannot lead to success if pupils’ basic physical, emotional and social needs are not met.


Environmental education for school groups in Lahti

In Lahti the water is nearby. Clean and prosperous waters are vital to people and other nature. The city of Lahti is constantly monitoring the state of the lakes and has taken massive restoration measures so that we can enjoy clean waters also in the future.

The forest offers children a versatile learning and play environment. In Lahti, near every school and kindergarten, there is a forest and forests are used as part of teaching.

Themed excursions familiarizes children with nature and water protection:
Life in a lake trip by the lake including simple water test and exploring the aquatic life.
Forest with ants' eye trip in the forest including introduction to forest ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Functional Water Studies out in nature is an excursion for teachers and other adults including water tests, opportunity to see eco-counselling vehicle and introduction to environmental education in Lahti.


Visit an award-winning science centre - LUMA Centre

LUMA Centre Finland is a network of Finnish universities aiming to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology through the latest methods and activities of science and technology education. The aim is also to support the life-long learning of teachers working on levels of education from early childhood to universities, and strengthen the development of research-based teaching. Come to visit Päijät-Häme LUMA Centre!




Through our network of partners we can services in the Lahti area. Diverse camp school modules are available and can be modified according to the customer’s wishes. Camp schools can have a focus on nature, art or sports and always include socialising and working with local children and youth. Educational content for teachers and principals are prepared separately.

EkoFin school camps for international groups

EkoFin programs combine science, sports, arts and cultural immersion to nature experiments and environmental education. EkoFin offers easy to buy and all inclusive packages.


Pajulahti school camps and excursions

Pajulahti offers excellent conditions and sport and leisure facilities for organizing successful school camps and excursions. Year-round visits are made easy in Pajulahti – special programs for winter and summer!


Vierumäki camp schools

The original Vierumäki Camp School offers clean and safe surroundings together with modern facilities and a wide variety of activities to choose from. And four seasons guarantee that no two trips are alike!




We arrange home visits in the Lahti area. These allow visitors to get a glimpse into the homes, lifestyles and hobbies of locals. The three-hour visit includes a meal and seasonal activities (such as clearing snow, gardening, berry-picking) and just spending time together.

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