Transportation - arriving to Lahti region

Lahti’s excellent transport connections and close proximity to the Helsinki metropolitan area make it an ideal venue for large, often international events. Helsinki and the surrounding area, which have accommodation facilities for tens of thousands of visitors, are located around one hour away with excellent transport connections.

Lahti Travel Centre

Travel Centre works transport hub connecting local and long-distance and the different forms of transport modes seamlessly.
Add. Mannerheiminkatu 15 | 15100 Lahti

From the airport

From the airport you can easely reach Lahti Region.
The Ring Rail Line links long-distance rail travel with air transport, and brings an easy connection to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from all of Finland. The train takes about 50 min from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Lahti- check timetables here.
The coach from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport leaves once an hour and the journey only takes about an hour. Please check the timetables from Matkahuolto

By car

From the south, take highway 4 that merges into the E75 motorway. E75 continues past Lahti towards Jyväskylä.
From the north, take the E75 motorway towards Lahti. For the scenic route through the pleasant landscapes of Padasjoki and Asikkala, choose highway 24.
When arriving from the east, take highway 12 to the City of Lahti; after Lahti, the highway continues towards Tampere.
From the west, take highway 12, which is called Hämeenlinnantie in the Lahti region. The highway passes through the city and towards Kouvola.


Commuter and regional trains
Commuter train Z from Helsinki arrives in Lahti once an hour. The journey from Helsinki takes one hour.
There are regional trains (marked with an H) from Lahti in the directions of Riihimäki and Helsinki as well as Kouvola and Kotka. Regional trains stop at most of the intermediate stations. The intermediate stations and halts on the line from Helsinki via Riihimäki to Lahti are Järvelä, Lappila and Herrala, and on the line from Lahti to Kouvola, regional trains stop in Villähde, Nastola and Uusikylä.

Long-distance trains

All long-distance passenger trains, including trains to St Petersburg and Moscow, stop in Lahti. You can reach St Petersburg in 2 hours 45 minutes by the Allegro train.The railway station and the new bus station (completed in 2016) are now located in the same place; together they are called Traveling Centre. From traveling centre you can take easily take a bus to continue your journey.
Train tickets and timetables

Coach or bus

Lahti is at the centre of an extensive public transport network that covers the Helsinki region as well as the rest of Finland. Lahti Travel Center is located in the transport hub of the city centre next to the existing railway station. The timetables and connections you can check on the Matkahuolto website. Other municipalities in the Lahti region can also be reached by coach or bus.
TImetable for buses.

Passenger harbours

There is a regular coach service from Lahti to the Port of Helsinki passenger terminals.
Please check the timetables on the Matkahuolto.